Since the advent of plastic surgery, people seemed to have started fighting one thing and one thing only: Father Time. You can find wrinkle removal treatment just about anywhere in the country today, and people no longer hide the fact that they have had “something done”. At the same time, people are becoming reluctant to go under the knife. The risk of complications is great, the pain is substantial, and the cost also very high. As a result,  there is now a far greater demand for less invasive procedures, including Botox. Another option, however, is laser wrinkle removal.

What Is Laser Wrinkle Removal?

If you want to take up the fight against Father Time, then laser wrinkle removal is certainly something that you should consider. It has gained tremendously in popularity over recent years, and for good reasons. First of all, it does not require invasive, painful, and expensive surgery. Furthermore, after just a few treatments, the wrinkles have completely disappeared. And, best of all, the results can last for years, far longer than Botox.

It can be said that laser is the best option out there for better skin care, which is also why so many physicians and dermatologists endorse it. It is becoming more and more popular, with people hailing its safety and effectiveness. The added benefit of this for the general public is that it is also becoming more affordable as a treatment.

What Is Botox?

The other option is Botox, which has been around slightly longer and continues to be very popular. Just as with laser removal, there are reasons as to why this is justifiably popular. This includes that the procedure is quick and relatively painless, that the results are almost instant, and that it is highly affordable. That said, Botox does not last as long as laser removal.

If you want to have some form of anti-aging treatment and you are debating between laser and Botox, make sure you do your research. What is best for one is not necessarily best for the other. You have to consider the age and condition of your skin, your ethnicity, how deep your wrinkles are, your budget, your tolerance to chemical ingredients, whether you are pregnant, if you have underlying medical conditions, your desired results, and much more. This is why it is of vital importance that you carefully research your options, and that you speak to a physician, preferably several physicians, about their recommendations.

If you’re still unsure, look into whether or not wrinkle creams will at least start to help. An Orogold review of their wrinkle cream states that they use a lot of botanical extracts which certainly can’t hurt your skin. Once you decide on your treatment and you are ready to have it completed, always make sure that you visit a clinician who is properly trained and registered in administrating laser or Botox. While it may be tempting to attend a Botox party, or to have laser treatment at your local nail parlor, this is usually not the best idea. You are dealing with medical procedures and, most importantly, with your personal beauty, so you cannot trust just anybody. Don’t be afraid to ask for registration numbers and insurance details, therefore.