When we talk about a lawyer, it is a compound term referring to anyone qualified to give legal advice as a licensed legal practitioner, and this is inclusive of both solicitors and barristers. Once you have earned your law degree and you’re ready to practice as a lawyer, ultimately, the next step is to find yourself a job. The UK offers a mature and competitive job market. Thus, it may not be straightforward to find the job of your dreams. However, if you are good at your job and approach the recruitment market with intelligence, then finding a job is well within your grasp.

Look for your first lawyer job

There are different platforms that have been put up where lawyers can connect with law firms to ensure that when you look for your first lawyer job, you can find one as fast as possible. This can either be in private practice, in-house, or the public sector. These platforms are the likes of Law Absolute, a specialist recruitment agency. This will help the lawyer find either a permanent appointment or one that runs for a particular amount of time (temporary) depending on his or her needs and skills.

How does the platform work?

As a lawyer, you are required to register under the platform where their specialists then take the lead, helping you through the advertising of your CV and on to when you find your placement. The platform ensures that the jobs available to the lawyers cut across all ranges to ensure that every lawyer has an opportunity at the platform considering every individual specific requirements and skill.

It does not matter if you are looking for your first job or are just looking for a change in your law career, Law Absolute’s recruitment specialist platform has got you covered, recruiting lawyers, document reviews and paralegals positions to suit your particular needs, be it a permanent job opportunity or interim job opportunity. Their flawless experience working with different companies makes sure that they don’t go wrong in their recruitment.

The platform is equipped with an expansive experience at assisting their candidates in securing job opportunities in the finest firms in the city and all of the UK. They have specialists who have the appropriate knowledge in legal recruitment to make sure the process is smooth. The platform acts as an in-between for the lawyers and the client. They aim at assisting the lawyers in achieving their career aspirations and at the same time ensure that the clients find exactly what they are looking for in a lawyer in terms of abilities.

To ensure that each of the lawyers registered under their platform achieves his or her career aspirations, they have designed a way to actively interact with the lawyers and work with them closely to find them the sectors or departments that are a match to their aspirations and abilities.

The platform has earned trust from clients from previous cases, and thus they have a steady flow of legal jobs for the lawyers to take up. The jobs are also updated every once in a while, in an attempt to match their registered lawyers with the next big career opportunity.