Many drivers on the road think that every kind of car accident should be handled in the same manner without the help of lawyers or outside parties. The truth is that accidents can have many different causes, and the circumstances of the accident can play a big part in how much compensation the parties in the accident deserve. The kinds of vehicles involved, weather conditions, and physical and mental state of the drivers at the time can all factor into the legal liability each driver holds. Without the knowledge of what to do and who to call, drivers can end up getting far less compensation than they deserve.

For example, the process of claiming injury after a truck accident is very different than that of an accident that happens between two cars. In most cases, a car accident is a routine event that is handled in a straightforward manner between the two drivers and their insurers. However, in the case of an accident with a truck owned by a corporation, there are more parties at play and more avenues to follow to be properly compensated. Before a driver can successfully recover compensation for injuries that happened as a result of the accident, the resulting medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, wages lost, and pain and suffering, he or she must explain the cause of the accident and prove that another party is at fault.  There can be ways to get compensation not only from the driver, but from his or her employer.

In other cases, an accident between two car drivers can result in more legal liability for one person than the other. This is the case if one driver is found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is sleep deprived, or distracted when the accident happens. If it can be proven that the driver who caused the accident was not being responsible and using caution while operating the vehicle, the other driver can be entitled to more compensation for the injuries sustained. But in order to prove this, the other driver has to know the right documents to obtain and the proper questions to ask.

Another reason that compensation can vary is if one of the drivers is uninsured. When a driver takes to the road without insurance, they are putting both themselves and anyone they might hit at an increased risk. Luckily, even if this person doesn’t have the right insurance to cover the harm they have done to another driver, there can be ways to get recourse. With the help of a good lawyer, a driver can still get his or her accident related bills paid. He or she might be able to sue for compensation to be paid out of the driver’s personal assets, or get compensated by their own insurer under the policy we hold.

If you want to be sure that you get proper compensation for your Milwaukee car accident, contact an experienced attorney to get help and advice.