Americans are in a crisis of unhappiness. Record levels of discontent have been cited in a recent wellness study.

What’s causing this lack of group joy?

For many, it’s a lack of inner peace and a sense of identity. Americans are notorious for being hustlers and always on the go. But, when does the individual get to work on their passions and learn what their values are?

Personal development has freed thousands of Americans from their own restraints. Through personal development seminars, you can be free, too. Here are the top 9 seminars to increase your joy.

  1. Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion

This online course is taught by a beloved Buddhist monk, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. After a lifetime of mindfulness practice, Hanh uses his expertise to teach others the art of inner peace.

In this seminar, you’ll learn different meditation techniques. It focuses on connecting you deeper to nature by using Buddhist teachings.

By the end, you’ll have an increased sense of inner peace. You’ll be able to live in the moment, accept the past, and relinquish worries about the future.

  1. Double Your Confidence and Self Esteem

For those who’ve never taken a self-development course before, you might want more info on the benefits. One of the biggest benefits is boosted confidence.

Who doesn’t wish they were more confident? Award-winning entrepreneur, Jimmy Naraine, teaches his students how to grow their self-esteem in steps.

You’ll learn to stop seeking approval from others, build a strong mindset, and understand your perceived confidence.

Each step comes with actionable tips and activities to get you involved in. By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly why you’re great and how to show that to the world.

  1. Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Eckhart Tolle is a best-selling author and personal development guru. His work combines philosophy, spirituality, and psychology with self-development.

In this course on finding your purpose, Tolle teaches students how to live in the present moment. When you can align with who you truly are, you can make decisions that authentically please you.

He focuses on effortlessness, stillness, and mindfulness. By the end of this seminar, you’ll be more at peace with your inner self. And, you’ll know more about what you want from life.

When you’re ready for more info, Tolle has a library of further reading to explore.

  1. Learn Optimal Sleep to Improve Your Health, Energy, and Mind

Did you know that Americans get an average of 6.8 hours of sleep per night? Lack of sleep can impact your confidence, decision making, and overall health.

In this course by Scott Britton, you’ll learn why your body depends on sleep to function. It will teach you different lifestyle habits to implement that will increase your sleep.

By the end, you’ll have a better sense of what’s preventing you from sleeping well. And, you’ll have the tools to change that for good.

  1. Mini Habit Mastery

Habits make up most of our waking hours. Many of the things you do are without thought. You automatically do them because you’ve formed a habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning.

This course by Stephen Guise and Laura Avnaim will teach you different strategies to create new habits. It’ll also help you understand why you continue bad habits and how to stop.

Boost your intrinsic motivation and overcome resistance. This course will give you daily steps to change your life.

  1. 30 Day Challenge to a More Productive and Happier You

Consistency is key, and this course keeps you consistent for 30 days straight. If you can commit the month, it’ll teach you how to be more productive. And, how to feel confident in your decisions regarding how you spend your time.

MBA professor, Chris Haroun, created this course to teach people how to live life on their own terms.

Learn how to do what you want to do, and not succumb to outside pressures. When you follow your passion, your life satisfaction increases.

  1. Uncompromised Life

Your mindset and the way your brain functions have a lot to do with your happiness. If you constantly compromise your interests for others, you’re telling yourself that you don’t deserve to be happy.

Through a mix of hypnotherapy and mind rewiring, Marissa Peer teaches students how to turn on their inner power. She guides students through eight levels of mindset changes to become a more authentic version of themselves.

Stop self-sabotaging. Stop telling yourself limiting beliefs. This course will leave you feeling empowered and in control of your life.

  1. Mini Course on Time Management

Many Americans feel unsatisfied because they aren’t spending their time the way they want to. They might be working 60-80 hours a week in the job they hate. Or, taking care of everyone else instead of themselves.

This free mini course from Brandon Hakim will teach you how to do it all. You don’t have to compromise your passions and self-care anymore.

In this course, students learn the tools for expert time management. By the end, you’ll be more productive and passionate than ever.

  1. Ultimate Edge

There can’t be a list of personal development seminars that doesn’t include one from Tony Robbins. The guru and master of self-development, Robbins has built a career out of teaching and empowering others.

In this three-part course, students learn to assess and overcome their obstacles. You get a deeper sense of your own brain psychology and motives behind your decisions.

After completion, you’re likely to be motivated, empowered, and excited about the future. You might experience better finances, deeper relationships, and more happiness overall.

Interested in Trying One of These Personal Development Seminars?

Personal development seminars are amazing tools for those who feel lost or unhappy. When your circumstances feel out of your control, what you can control is yourself.

By learning about your identity, changing your mindset, and changing your habits, you can live a more fulfilling life. Often, that starts with getting the career you desire. And usually that involves higher learning and of course a Ph.D is the top level of that structure. If you need help, you can search where to buy thesis online.

If you’re ready to change your life by starting your dream career, we can help. Check out the Job Seekers section of our site to get started.

Written by Ester K. is a content writer at and a sales and Public Relations (PR nerd), obsessed with research, sleeping in as much as possible, and listening to podcasts. When I am not at home with my fam I enjoy long walks through the beautiful city of Jerusalem.