Homes maintain vents from their dryer and air ducts from the HVAC system. Most of the time, vents and ducts are often associated with one another for their almost the same functions. If you planned on getting a local repair service as a vent cleaning San Diego, it’s not far from the idea that you should also get an air duct cleaning professional.

Dryer Vent or Air Duct?

If you can tell the difference between a dryer vent and an air duct, then you can call the right person to provide repairs or maintenance. Some local companies like the San Diego air duct cleaning offer both dryer vent and duct maintenance services. Indeed you are lucky enough to find one that provides a wide range of services.

But, there will be times that you have to pinpoint which type of service you need and call the right service provider for it. Now, get into the basics of vents and ducts.

Dryer Vent. A dryer vent functions to let the air from the clothes dryer flow outside of your homes. The vent is often attached to the wall with a vent hose connected to the dryer machine. 

The dryer vent needs regular cleaning to prevent fire hazards. Problems, which include overheating, are common to the dryer if the vents do not get a routine cleaning.

Air Duct. Most heater and air conditioning system got needs to attach to an air duct. The HVAC controls the temperature inside your home to achieve the right amount of cold or warmth, depending on what month it is in your area. During cold seasons the heaters at many establishments are at work. 

It is essential to regularly clean the air ducts so that the right amount of heat will flow. As well as when it is the hot season, air conditioning is an essential appliance within any property. 

The air ducts are a crucial part of the device. If dirt, dust, and other trapped objects clogged the ductwork, it would cause the airflow and temperature to feel uncomfortable.

Clogged air ducts and vents cause musty air and an unpleasant feel and smell inside your homes. You want to get rid of that problem so you’ll have a clean and safe atmosphere even inside your homes.

So who should you call? Do you call the dryer vent cleaners? Or the air duct cleaners? If you’re not able to find a service provider that offers both (which rarely happens), then call a specific one for each appliance repair. You only need to keep in mind that dryer vent professionals can help you clean the vents and exhaust tubes attached to your dryer machine. Often the vent is located below the wall where it is attached. The vent hose may go underground like your basement, and somewhere on the exterior of your house, you will find the exhaust window. 

Does dryer vent cleaning include air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning and dryer vent maintenance often go hand in hand. It is better to ask the local service provider near you so that you can tell them precisely what you need. 

Another thing is to tell the service provider clearly what type of vent system you got. This will happen if you do regular checking in your vent systems and air ducts. 

Some dryer vents will be attached to the walls where the air duct hole is located. The ventilation hall often found just right above the ceiling will have ductworks set up in it. Some homes will also have a ventilation system with its ductwork. 

The ductwork is the part where wires and exhaust tubes are connected altogether. Cleaning this part of your air duct and dryer exhausts requires a professional clever of maintenance. An expert got the right skills to carefully handle the wires and tubes that tangled with one another. In this way, safety is locked in, and there will be no electrical accidents that could happen.

Benefits of having your air ducts and vents cleaned

the bottom line of an air duct and dryer vent comparison is for you to know your appliance. Knowing what you are using helps you to use it with proper care. And also, you will call the right team of professionals to provide cleaning and repair services. If you know your appliance, you will tell in the future who the real experts also got the proper knowledge about the machine. With this in mind, you need to work maintaining your appliance, too.

Here are the other significant benefits of cleaning your appliance.

  • Cleaning your dryer vents and air ducts provides safety in your homes and other properties.
  • Regular check and maintenance let you prevent major problems and damages in the future.
  • Regular cleaning helps your appliance live longer.
  • Clean dryer vents and air ducts allow the proper flow of air and heat, which gives you comfort in your homes.
  • Well maintained appliance such as dryers and HVACs saves cost. It helps reduce your energy consumption at home.

What will air duct & vent maintenance cost me?

You can go ahead and clean your appliance now that you know the basic features of your vents and air ducts. But, if you genuinely understand the exhaust and air duct system, you’ll realize then that some parts of it need the expert’s hands.

It saves you the cost for a vent and duct cleaning service that provides cleaning in one. It may indeed cost you more if you call different cleaners for each duct system.

At the end of the day, exhaust tubes and ductwork deem hazardous if a regular person works on them. You will feel that a professional service provider costs much. But wait until you get to ask them to do the repair jobs for you. They can make the proper fix once and for all.