During a year that saw most of us stuck at home, it is no wonder that many people have turned to DIY projects to improve their properties

Because we can only meet friends and family outdoors, improving our outdoor spaces is essential for entertaining. DIY projects are great for quick improvements. Of course, you will want to assess your budget and finances before you take on larger projects. 

You can still make a great impression and entertain your friends and family in style with these five DIY front garden ideas.

Living garden table

A living table is a brilliant way to add some greenery to your front garden and create a great entertaining space. Essentially, a living table will have a planter built in, allowing you to add plants to your table. 

Smaller shrubbery and flowers work well in a living table, as the planter will be shallow. If you are a food lover, why not plant a herb garden in your table and garnish your meals as you dine.

Outdoor floor lamps

Merging your indoor spaces and outdoor spaces is achieved simply with the addition of lights. With so many battery and solar operated options available it is easy to create outdoor floor lamps to develop an inviting front garden to hang out in. 

Festoon lights are easily strung between trees or you can plant tall logs into cement-filled pots if you don’t have trees in your front garden. 

Gravel path

Create a quaint English garden vibe and welcome your guests to your home with a DIY gravel path. Setting out the path to weave through flower beds is a great way to show off your green-fingered skills. 

Gravel comes in a range of sizes and colours, so make sure you choose one that suits your garden and house style. Mark the path clearly to your front door and don’t forget to border the edges to contain to the gravel.

Multipurpose shed

If you have enough space in your front garden, why not create a multipurpose shed. Whether you want an outdoor office to work from, a covered entertaining space for rainy days or a creative studio for your new hobby, a multipurpose shed is perfect.

Before you start, decide on all the ways you want to use the shed. You can then design your shed to suit your needs and so it will fit in your front garden.

Moss wall

If you are an eco-minded homeowner, why not create a moss wall. Covering a wall in moss not only looks striking but also has added benefits such as improving air quality, reducing humidity and acting as a natural insulation. 

Invest in a moss starter kit to get your wall started. A moss wall can take some time to grow fully across the surface, but the end result is a lush green wall that benefits you and the environment.