Did you know that aroma therapy can have major positive benefits to your health? While the research is quite limited, it has been found that aroma therapy relieves depression and anxiety. It also improves sleep and the overall quality of life.

There are several ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your life without having to go all out. One is to use air fresheners in your home.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of air freshener and how to make your home smell good.

Types of Air Freshener for Your Home

Each type of air freshener has a different method of making your home smell good.

1. Diffusers

There are several diffusers to choose from, but the most common are reed or oil diffusers.

Diffusers use essential oils, which don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Reed diffusers are perhaps the easiest option as they’re long-lasting, low maintenance and they offer uninterrupted delicious aroma therapy. But they can be pricey.

Oil diffusers, though, offer a few benefits. For one, they give you ultimate control over how much fragrance you want to be emitted. There are also several different types to choose from to best suit your needs.

2. Electronic Air Fresheners

Plug-in air fresheners are a great option as they’re hassle-free and tend to last. They do emit quite a strong smell though, which may not be for everyone. Although, if you’re looking to prevent odors, they do the job just fine.

Alternatively, you can opt for fan air fresheners. These are a great alternative to Plug-Ins as they don’t use any heat to spread their scent.

3. Candles, Potpourri, and Incense

Scenting your is super easier with incense, scented candles, or potpourri.

The greatest thing about these is that they double as décor pieces. Scented candles often come in pretty canisters that look great in any space. You can also buy striking, decorative incense holders. Potpourri also looks fantastic no matter what.

Another major benefit when it comes to these kinds of air fresheners is that they’re often natural, more so than sprays.

4. Traditional Solid Air Fresheners

Solid air fresheners are the go-to for many. These are often gel-based, affordable, and easy to hide. Simply remove the seal, pop it anywhere you like, and let the scents eliminate any odors.

Another solid air freshener (pun intended) is aroma beads. All you need to do is soak them in your favorite fragrant oil, then place them in a bag. Pop that bag anywhere you need it – like in your closet or sock drawer. You can also hang the beads somewhere drafty, so the scent can waft through your home.

5. Sprays

For a quick and easy way to eliminate odors, spray air fresheners are perfect. Of course, the most common come in aerosol cans.

You can also buy sprays for time-operated mist dispensers. These allow you to pop in a can, place the dispenser anywhere in a room and let it spray away.

The only issue with these sprays is that they’re often filled with harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde and toluene. While they’re a great quick fix, they’re not so great for long-term use.

Best Air Freshener Scents

The best air freshener scents to keep your home smelling delicious are lavender, vanilla, or citrus scents. They’re long-lasting, and all have some therapeutic benefits. Whichever scent you choose, they’ll go great with all the different types of air fresheners.

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