Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? Or, felt dizzy and dazed in a long, tedious meeting at work? Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Surprisingly, these symptoms can be caused by the high concentration of CO (carbon monoxide) in the air.

If you ever felt nauseous while cooking outdoors, such as camping, or turning on the heater in the cold winter, this is because of CO poisoning. CO is generated when incomplete combustion occurs in an environment with insufficient oxygen or low temperature. It is very difficult to recognize when you are poisoned with CO as it is a colorless, odorless, and non-irritating gas, which is why the cases of CO poisoning are continuously occurring.

Check what you can’t see with AirNotisA Perfect air quality measuring monitor

You may have now recognized that air quality affects the quality of life or even life itself, but it’s still very difficult to manage air quality in that it cannot be detected with human eyes. AirNotis is a monitor that precisely measures invisible air quality with its high-precision sensors. It shows six different air quality components including CO, CO2, VOC, 3 types of fine dust (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10), temperature and humidity on a single screen, allowing you to inspect the air quality of the area you are in.

AirNotis will alert you to ventilate

AirNotis does not only measure air quality, but also alerts you to ventilate to better manage the air quality. The device automatically warns you of the appropriate time for ventilation as soon as the CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration exceeds 1,500 ppm. And if CO (carbon monoxide) concentration exceeds 100 ppm, the device alerts you to effectively ventilate the area or safely evacuate to avoid CO poisoning. In addition, on a day with fine dust in the air, the device will detect and alert you to wear a mask outdoors, preventing you from breathing the pollutants.

Easily check the air quality with the app

Connect your device with the app, so you can check the details of air quality on both the monitor and the app at the same time. If you’re away from the monitor, simply use your smartphone and open the app to check air quality. Like the monitor, the app also has an alarm function to notify you to ventilate the space when necessary.

Small and portable, take AirNotis with you anywhere

AirNotis is small, light and can fit in one hand. Thanks to its portability, the device can be brought anywhere with convenience from home, inside the car to office settings at work. On a single charge, AirNotis can be used wirelessly for 24 hours, perfect for the outdoor use. You can also perform all four operations with a single button—power on/off, alarm on/off, page switching, and Bluetooth connection— making it simple for anyone to use.

AirNotis is now available on Kickstarter

AirNotis and its excellent quality have been well recognized at the 2022 IF Design Award and the 2022 CES Innovation Award. Breathing purified air is becoming just as crucial as drinking clean water as air pollution is becoming more and more serious. With the help of AirNotis, now available on Kickstarter, actively manage air quality wherever you are and upgrade your quality of life!