We have several reasons to look forward to 2021. After spending most of 2020 at home, it has become our oasis and we look forward to the coming year as a new opportunity to bring creativity and comfort to our living space. If you are considering remolding the home anytime soon, you may be wondering about the latest design trends. There can be nothing worse than picking a design trend that is already past its time by the time you are finished. Interior design trends change from time to time and it is challenging to stay on top of them. This is why it is recommended to choose those trends that do not burn a hole in your wallet and are easy to accommodate in your home. Right from multi-functional spaces to bright sofas, here are the top decor trends that will rule 2021. 

  • Multi-functional spaces- This year has led many of us to rethink how we use our rooms. We have had to turn the bedroom into a workspace and the dining table into the conference room. As we are spending more time at home, it makes no sense to set aside a whole room for a single purpose. This stands true in smaller spaces. Keeping this in mind, 2021 will see a dramatic change in homes with the addition of multi-functional spaces. You will see a lot of creative storage and design solutions across different homes. There will be no demarcation on where one space ends and the other begins. Dining rooms, living rooms, and study will double up as workspaces. You will notice the furniture blending in easily with bar stools in the kitchen and living room and lounge chairs and bright couches in the study room.
  • Plenty of plants- 2020 is the year when we started going back to the roots. Plants have become an integral part of our lives and are seen across several households. There are high chances that the plants will continue to remain a part of our homes in the coming year. You will notice a lot of indoor plants that will not only refresh the air but will also add aesthetics to space. You can create a green home with ease and you do not necessarily have to spend a huge amount on them. If you do not have an experience of looking after indoor plants, do not invest in fancy plants. Pick a few easy to care for plants and add them to your living room. Indoor plants can change the aesthetics of any space in no time.
  • Let in the light-As most of us look forward to a year of calm, center, and comfort, there will be a lot of light flowing into the homes. The easiest way to include calming vibes in the living room is by allowing as much natural light into the home as possible. The heavy windows will be replaced by transparent, more opaque windows with sheer curtains. 
  • Earthy tones- In the coming year, we return to nature and seek earthy inspiration. You will see a lot of earthy tones around you. It is considered to be warm and comforting. You will see several shades that are close to the earthy tones like golden yellow or wine red. These shades will change the aesthetics in your home and it is easy to decorate the home around these earthy but impressive tones. 
  • Sustainable products- 2021 will see a surge in demand for sustainable products. Right from pots and pans in the kitchen to the bedding in your bedroom, you will notice several sustainable products to choose from. As we gain awareness about the environment and the role we play in it, we need to make the right choices. The coming year will see sustainable beddings that are comfortable, stylish, and will help upgrade the home in no time. 
  • Bright sofas- Aren’t we all sick of life in neutral? Now is the time to replace the nude and beige sofas with bright and cheerful colors. 2021 will be about bright sofas in pink and burgundy. You will see a lot of vibrantly hued furniture that will add charm to your space. Keep the lines clean and modern but play with colors. Even if you are a minimalist, you can add a bright-colored couch in your living room and maximize the aesthetics. 

It is predicted that these 6 home decor trends will rule 2021. As we spend more amount of time at home, we need to create spaces that add convenience and comfort to our lives. You do not need to stretch your budget or look for fancy stuff for your home. These trends are all about making the most of available resources while keeping the environment in mind.