Does your bathroom still feature green subway tiles on all the walls or carpeting on the floor? These styles are a sure giveaway that your bathroom is overdue for an update.

Don’t put off a bathroom remodel due to the price tag. The average cost for a basic bathroom remodel is between $3,000 and $12,000. But bathroom remodels also have a great return on investment — around 66%.

Keep reading to discover the easy bathroom updates you should include in your remodeling plans.

1. Floating Vanities

When it comes to modernizing bathroom upgrades, consider floating vanities.

Traditionally, vanities sit on the bathroom floor and contain storage and a base for a sink. This means they take up a lot of room, and are often heavy on the eyes.

With floating vanities, there’s a space between the floor and the vanity. This helps break up the room and create a more modern look. You’ll still get storage within the vanity and can even place baskets under the vanity for extra storage space.

2. Shower Wall Panels

Shower panels make a huge difference when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Wall panels for shower spaces offer a cheap alternative to ceramic tile. These waterproof panels can be placed from floor to ceiling or customized to any size you need.

Panels come in many different styles to match any bathroom decor you already have. Choose from panels designed to look like wood, marble, tile, and even concrete.

3. Wood Accents

If you’re updating a bathroom for a modern look, don’t forget to add a few wood accents. Wooden pieces give the room a warmer feel that fits with most design styles.

For an industrial look, consider a wooden vanity with black hardware. Or, bring in an old wooden chest to add extra storage and a vintage vibe.

In need of easy bathroom updates? Add wooden shelves to your walls — they pair great with blue, green, or grey walls.

4. Smart Technology

A modern bathroom isn’t complete without some type of smart technology. While these upgrades may cost more than the other ideas in this article, their benefits make them worth it.

Here are a few smart technology ideas for any modern bathroom:

  • A smart toilet which can include auto flushing, heated seats, and self-cleaning features
  • A smart shower or bath allows you to control temperature and water flow, along with music or mood lighting
  • Towel warming drawers ensure your linens are always the right temperature

Try These Easy Bathroom Updates Today

Now that you know the top easy bathroom updates, it’s time to start your remodeling project.

Whether you’re interested in a complete remodel with a new vanity or a simple upgrade using wood accents, it all starts with a plan. Evaluate your current bathroom and sketch out your renovations realistically. From there, you can hire a contractor or go the DIY route to get the job done.

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