A recent study found 57% of Americans use their yards for recreation monthly so it’s important to make them inviting.  Garden decorations are a fantastic way to transform your yard without breaking the bank. If you’re stuck for inspiration, look no further.  Here are seven garden decorations guaranteed to spruce up your yard.

1. Wheelbarrow Garden Flower Display

Instead of investing in spanking new yard ornaments, upcycle an old wheelbarrow to improve your outdoor garden decor.  Even if it’s rusty, fill the wheelbarrow with dirt and plant colorful flowers for a rustic look. You can even use an old bicycle for a planter by filling the front basket with seasonal blooms.  Or turn wood pallets into a display case for potted plants. And when it’s fall, swap them out for pumpkins.

2. Decorate an Old Shed

You can transform a basic shed in no time. Start by hanging patterned material across the peak of the shed and attach the fabric to the walls.  To accessorize, add a rug, decorative baskets, and your favorite plants.

3. Create a Flagstone Patio 

One of the best garden decor ideas to maximize space in your yard is to create a patio. Regardless of size, install a flagstone patio big enough to hold garden furniture so you have a relaxing area where you can while away a sunny afternoon.

If you want to do something extra special, it would be best that you invest in creating a stunning new deck on your garden or your backyard. Hiring the best deck builder Brisbane will help you create an attractive space straight from the pages of an AD magazine! Between a patio and a deck, the latter is a much more worthwhile investment you should be looking to make.

4. Statues

Bronze statues make wonderful yard decorations because they add charm while withstanding the elements.

Get creative and choose statues either custom-made or to replicate your favorite wildlife animal. You can also enhance them by adding accent lights so guests can marvel the artwork.

5. DIY Tree Bench 

A tree bench contributes to your stylish garden decor and adds more seating. This bench is one that wraps around a tree in your backyard.  It’s best to build one around a mature tree but if you only have a young one, leave enough room for the tree to grow.

6. Mason Jar Lanterns

You don’t only to reserve mason jars for strawberry jam or chocolate milkshakes, as they make perfect garden decorations.  To get these magical lanterns, run a string of battery-operated fairy lights into a mason jar and tape the battery pack to the inside of the lid with tape. Now, watch them glow!

7. Repurposed Crib Mattress Porch Swing

If you’re looking for more backyard seating, try this porch swing.  You can make it from an old crib mattress, attach it to a tree, and add a few chairs so there’s enough space for everyone to sit. 

Those Are Our Favorite Garden Decorations

It’s possible to find charming garden decorations without spending too much. Add bronze statues to your yard for a unique look or hang mason jars filled with fairy lights to create an inviting atmosphere.  You can even repurpose your little one’s old crib mattress and transform it into a swing. Happy decorating!

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