It’s been beaten into our heads that we need to eat right and exercise in order to stay healthy and live the longest and best life possible; however, sometimes changing your diet and starting a vigorous exercise routine can be just too much. Instead of going overboard on the ways to get healthy, why not try tackling some of the simple ways that are available and can reap plenty of benefits? If you want to take care of yourself in a simpler way, be sure to check out these seven ideas.

  1. Replace one junk snack with something healthy.

Junk food can be a nice pick-me-up after a stressful day, but it’s not very good for you and over-indulging can have a bad impact on your health. Instead of trying to cut all junk food out for good, why not just start by replacing one junk snack with something healthy? For instance, if you typically grab a candy bar for your mid-afternoon snack, replace it with something healthier, like a piece of fruit or some almonds. This doesn’t mean you’re cutting out your favorite sugary snacks forever, but it will help make a positive impact on your health.

  1. Take a walk.

Walking is a good way to exercise, but even if you don’t have time to take a nice stroll around your neighborhood, try to work in a walk whenever you can. For instance, park farther away at the grocery store so it forces you to get in more steps. Opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator at the office. These are not changing your schedule in any major way and instead are helping you take better care of yourself without putting too much thought into it.

  1. Replace one sugary drink with water.

Whether it’s pop, juice, or energy drinks, these sugar-filled beverages are packed with high calories that are bad for your health. Even if you don’t want to kick the habit completely, it’s important for you to try and replace one of these with water. Doing this will help you lower your calorie intake. Plus, water can help fill you up, which means you may even snack less by drinking this instead of something else.

  1. See the right doctor.

While you may have a relationship with your general practitioner, they’re not always the right person for the job. For instance, maybe your issues could use the assistance of an orthopedic doctor. Most people associate seeing an orthopedic doctor with having surgery, but that’s not always the case. An orthopedic doctor specializes in the bones and joints throughout your body and can help you find the best possible way to cure that pain, whether it’s through physical therapy, medication management, or even through surgery. According to Atlanta orthopedic doctors, “An orthopedic doctor specializes in certain areas of the body, making their treatment more specific to your needs.”

Besides orthopedic doctors, keep in mind seeing other specialists, such as chiropractors, mental health professionals, OBGYNs, and other specialists who could better help you. Those with Mental Health issues should consider contacting   for assistance.

  1. Turn it off.

Are you getting less and less sleep because you’re finding yourself distracted by all the options around you, such as your TV or your phone? If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, it could be due to your distraction levels. Instead of lying in bed and scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, make it a point to lie in bed and try to sleep. Turn your phone off or on silent so it doesn’t distract you through the night. When you get a better night’s rest, you’ll find yourself with more energy the next day.

  1. Take your vitamins.

Being healthy means warding off illness and disease and taking the right vitamins can help this cause. As you get older, and especially if you’re not on a strong diet, you’ll notice your immune system becomes weaker. Instead of allowing this to happen, take your vitamins every day. This way you can get the nutrients and minerals you need to keep colds at bay.

  1. Eat breakfast.

They don’t say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for nothing. This doesn’t mean you need to eat a big breakfast every morning but grabbing a fruit and some yogurt will help to boost your metabolism in the morning, which can help to shed pounds. Plus, by starting the day off with something healthy, you’ll notice less interest in snacking on junk food later.

Getting healthy is important, but you don’t have to change your life to do it. These tips will help you make healthier choices and get on the road easily, and if you’re ready, you can keep making better choices every day.