We’ve all experienced the feeling of having a lousy day. Whether things go wrong at work, we get stuck in a traffic jam, or we’re just feeling plain “over it,” usually, when we have a bad day, it’s connected to the way that our day began

The way that you start off your day can have a huge impact on how the entire day plays out. If you get off to a rough start from the beginning, then it’s no wonder why you end your day on a sour note. So, how do you get your day started right so that you continue to ride that wave well into the evening? Take a look at some of the best tips for establishing a great day. 

Wake Up Early 

Statistics show that people who wake up earlier have a better chance of getting to work on time. One of the biggest reasons why people stress is because they feel rushed in the mornings. Get up earlier, so that you have enough time to slowly sip your coffee, shave your face, and get dressed without having to beat the clock.  There’s no use in rushing yourself when you could take the time to wake up a bit earlier.  

If waking up early has been an issue for you until now, then you should consider going to bed earlier at night. At first, it may be challenging; however, over time, you’ll start to notice that your body gets used to your bedtime.  There are plenty of apps out there that can help you slowly adjust to an earlier bedtime and wake up. You may even want to consider a lamp that simulates sunlight. 

Create a Routine 

Studies show that humans thrive from routine. Try to get into the habit of doing the exact same things in the same order every day. After a while, the steps will start to become like second nature. 

You won’t have to stress or worry about doing things correctly. It will just come to you like an instinct. As a result, you’ll feel less stressed and less rushed. The likelihood of things going wrong will go down significantly. 

Get Something Done Earlier 

If you accomplish something early in the morning, you’ll be that much more likely to keep up that motivation for the rest of your day. You’ll feel inspired to keep going since you’ve already gotten such a head start. 


One of the best ways to create a positive atmosphere for yourself is to get active early on. Going for a brisk walk or going for a run in the morning will get your endorphins flowing, and you’ll be in a great mood as a result. You’ll be awake and enthusiastic as opposed to sluggish and grumpy. 

If running isn’t your thing, you could even do a workout DVD in the comfort of your living room. Whatever it is that you do, the idea is to get your blood pumping.