Everyone wants their kids to develop lifelong healthy habits. That means eating well, moving more and keeping stress levels low. 

From simple things they can do in the house to steps that will motivate them to be active each day, here are five practical ideas for helping your kids get active and stay healthy

Healthy food choices

Feeding children in today’s society is challenging. Learn how to feed your child a healthy and nutritious diet. Healthy food choices are important. Eating the right foods can help lower your child’s hunger and food cravings, keep their blood sugar at normal levels and keep their weight under control. 

Healthy eating plans include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, lean meat and poultry, fish and beans. Also, try to choose fibre-rich whole grain bread, cereals, pasta and rice.


For many kids, just hearing the word “exercise” means pain and suffering. If you feel the same way, it’s hard to believe that exercise can actually benefit your child more than it harms them. This mental association is common with both kids and adults, but in the end, exercise is a great idea for both of you.

From fun fitness toys and games for children to fun exercises deisgned for kids and activity, your goal is to create fun goals for your little ones that keep them happy and motivated.

Limit screen time

Screen addiction has become a growing problem among children and teens. If you’re concerned that your child is negatively impacted by their phone, computer, tablet, or video game system, you can set rules that will help them to enjoy technology without becoming tech dependent or addicted.

Make chores fun

Just about every parent is familiar with the activities most likely to occupy young children: TV, video games and eating are at the top of everyone’s list and are all fine in moderation. 

It is important to balance those activities with more constructive ones like indoor/outdoor physical activities (such as raking leaves, washing windows, and doing the dishes). The biggest limitation to regular chores is kids saying they don’t understand or can’t complete the task. Try creating step by step instructions and a reward system for each step completed. These make chores fun and easy to understand, all while teaching positive habits.

Look after their health

Health is especially important at a young age, and if you take care to make sure your kids are healthy and happy when they are young. This is going to set them up for the rest of their life and encourage them to keep on top of their health.

Make sure you are taking care of their mental health, as well as their [physical health too. Good mental health when children are young can really help them to have better mental health as they grow up.