If you are looking for a satisfying job that fulfills your desire to help people, pursuing a social work degree is one of the best career paths for you. Social workers play an incredibly vital role in helping people to deal with and manage their problems. It is a rapidly growing field that deals with many different settings such as correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, and more. As a social worker, you get work across a broad spectrum of individuals from children to the elderly and from people with mental illness to those who suffered tremendous trauma. If these career opportunities excite you, then keep on reading!

When it comes to making a difference in others’ lives, there are plenty of choices you can go for. Social work is a rewarding career, and some of the jobs are high-paying as well. So, suppose you wish to become an integral support system of society. In that case, the following are some of the best social work job opportunities to look out for.

1. Public Health Social Worker

Healthcare social workers help the patient understand their medical conditions from a community-based point of view. It includes details of emotional, financial, and social repercussions. A public health social worker works explicitly for government agencies to provide the community with tools and information to live healthy lives. It would be a great idea to pursue masters in social work online in the current situation. They are in great demand due to the expansion of social services, especially in clinical settings. Fortunately, they earn a handsome annual average wage of $74,000, and they generally work in nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and hospitals.

2. Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) mainly specializes in dealing with the mental health of clients. The job brings unique challenges as you’ll have to perform both individual and family therapy and, in some cases, treat mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Becoming an LCSW is a rewarding job both morally and financially. For providing case management services, therapeutic modalities, and core assessments, clinical social workers can have a median annual salary of up to $57,000. To become a licensed clinical social worker, you’ll have to complete a bachelor’s degree as well as pursue a master’s degree in social work. After that, you’ll have to complete an LCSW licensure to be able to practice independently.

3. Gerontological Social Worker

A geriatric or a gerontological social worker ensures the safety and comfort of senior citizens in the community. They deal with elderly clients and their families to guide them about potential health complications, home healthcare, assisted living facilities, and meal delivery programs. Why should you be interested in this social work field? Because according to the American Geriatrics Society, by 2030, about 30% of Americans aging 65 or more will need senior care. Therefore, it increases the demand for the profession. To become a gerontological social worker, you’ll need a master’s degree along with an internship in an adult health care setting.

4. School Social Worker

Offering an average salary of $55,809, working as a school social worker marks as one of the highest-paid social work jobs in the market. As a school social worker, you will help students with their issues, parents with their family concerns, and teachers with their instruction. Other professional responsibilities of a school social worker include assisting students in rebuilding their self-confidence, self-control, and self-worth by providing counseling.

5. Mental Health Counselor

Unlike clinical social workers, mental health counselors help people cope with trauma or complex life events. These may vary from physical illness to traumatic events such as losing a loved one or relationship problems. The job outlook for mental health counselors is currently excellent due to the mental stress caused by the pandemic. As a mental health counselor, you will work for various agencies ranging from mental health facilities to individual and family services. To become a mental health counselor, you need to have a master’s degree along with relative training and certification.

6. Substance Abuse and Recovery Treatment Counselor

Drug abuse counselors usually handle people who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other dependency issues. This job will require you to help clients develop constructive behaviors by evaluating their needs and diagnosing disorders. You’ll be responsible for making changes in the lives of people suffering from addiction and induce a positive environment to help them in the process of reclaiming life. As a recovery treatment counselor, the job outlook will see a 22% growth rate in the next decade, which is considerably high.

Take Away- Start preparing for your social work degree

We live in a world where non-conventional careers are giving a tough time to mainstream jobs.
Lucrative job opportunities are waiting for you if you decide to pursue a social work degree, preferably a master’s degree. The average pay for a social worker in various fields may range anywhere from $45,000 to $93,000, which means that a social work career will be gratifying personally and financially.