Hello, my name is Teal Swan. I am psychic. I’ve had my abilities since before I could form words. When I was about three, my mom would come into the room, and she would tell me what she did that day, in detail; name people she saw, places she went to — truly detailed stuff! I’d sit in bed wide-eyed with excitement because, to me, she was telling this amazing story. It’s hard to explain what it was like when I developed my abilities. Words are so limiting when trying to describe the experience of having your own connection with God, coupled with visions and intellectual understanding beyond years, all within a two-year period.

I just knew that things were true, and I trusted that. It would be a few years before I lost faith in my abilities and many more before/after facing the darkest of all dark times — I discovered how to get back in touch with them. In this post, I’ll give you some practical tips for activating your own latent psychic powers.

Early on in life, I was told, “you are not your abilities.” This profoundly affected me because it meant that since I wasn’t my abilities, it didn’t matter if the world didn’t validate them. No one had to know about them, so no one could put me down for having them.

This was crucial in keeping my faith during my darkest times when I was isolated and abused. It empowered me to keep my faith that even if no one believed in me, God did.

If you are looking to activate the psychic powers inside of yourself, here’s some advice I would give myself if I could do it all over again.

  1. Write down the experiences you have had with your abilities, and record what they told you about yourself, your loved ones, your future, etc.
  2. Don’t seek validation from anyone else beforehand because you don’t need validation to activate your own psychic abilities; you are enough for yourself.
  3. Have the intent to activate your abilities, but don’t seek them out by searching for signs, symbols, etc. The more you search for them, the less open they are to activating. However, when something happens that is relevant to you, take note of it and reflect on it afterward with understanding; this will help you activate your abilities in the future.
  4. When you see or hear something, pay attention to it; don’t push it aside in favor of what you think is more likely — instead, consider that this may be a relevant message for you at this time.
  5. Ask questions like these when you are looking for signs: What is trying to happen here? What am I supposed to be learning? What do I need more of in my life right now?
  6. Don’t expect anything specific; just allow your intuition, insight, and psychic abilities to respond when they are activated. If you tell yourself you will receive something specific, it’s likely that this is what you’ll get, and it may not be what you need at that specific moment.
  7. Trust that your psychic abilities are real, that they exist, and that they can help and guide you when activated and used correctly.
  8. Relax (this is hard sometimes, I know!) and allow yourself to let go of all fear about activating your abilities and what they mean for your life. Know that they exist, and know that you can get messages from them! Once you’ve done this, the rest is easy