Is your daughter begging you to plan a teenage girls sleepover for her and her friends?

Aside from giving them a night of fun and silliness, you have valid reasons to jump on board. Studies show that teens who nurture close friendships are less likely to experience depression and anxiety in adulthood. They also experience a greater sense of self-worth! Is that what you want for your daughter? Of course it is! Read on for five tips that will help you plan an epic girls slumber party.

1. Send Out Invites

You can do it the old-fashioned way by mailing the invites to her friend’s homes. You can also send the invites via email, text messaging, or social media. Choose a creative theme for the party, like Movie Madness, Camping Out, or Glow-in-the-Dark Fun. Be sure to include the items her friends should bring (sleeping bags, flashlights, etc). This is also your chance to communicate with the parents and find out any allergies, dietary restrictions, or other concerns for your teenage guests. Bonus tip: Make sure there will be an even number of girls attending so no one gets left out!

2. Prepare the Space

If you’re planning a small party, the girls will probably be happy to squeeze into your daughter’s bedroom. A larger group might be more comfortable in the living room or (if weather permits) camping out in the backyard. Add a few decorative items to match the theme you’ve chosen. Be sure to include lots of plush pillows and blankets to keep everyone cozy.

3. Activities & Entertainment

Make spa-style goodie bags to give the girls when they arrive. You could include items like face masks, hair clips, and nail polish. They might enjoy playing board games or video games, or you could arrange for some fun arts and crafts. Of course, the girls might also be happy to just relax and watch movies featuring their favorite boy crushes. Want to take it a step further? Schedule a movie screen rental and set up a fun outdoor theater in your backyard.

4. Fun Food & Beverages

Popcorn, pizza, and candy are staples of teenage girls sleepovers, but be careful not to overdo it. Make sure there are some healthier options too, like fresh fruit or sliced veggies with dip. Rather than soda, why not kick it up a notch with a smoothie or cocktail bar? Buy a variety of fruits, frozen yogurts, and sparkling waters and let the girls make their own festive drinks. Bonus points for fruit garnishes and drink umbrellas!

5. Check In (Occasionally)

You don’t want to be a helicopter mom, but you do want to poke your head in occasionally to ensure everyone is staying safe and having fun. Every few hours, pop in and offer to refill snacks or drinks. Do a quick headcount to make sure no one is sneaking out or otherwise getting into trouble. Before you go to sleep, set out bagels and fresh fruit so the girls have easy breakfast options whenever they roll out of bed.

Host a Teenage Girls Sleepover to Remember!

With a little planning, you can help your daughter host a teen sleepover her friends will remember for years to come. Use the tips listed above to plan a teenage girls sleepover and you just might become everyone’s favorite “cool mom” too! Now that you know how to plan a slumber party, what’s next? Be sure to browse our site for more great reads.