We all know that fruits are delicious, packed with vitamins, and great for our health

But is that all there is to them? Not nearly. There is a lot more information about fruits that most people are not aware of, here are six interesting facts you might know.

1. Different Forms Are Just as Nutritious

While you might enjoy eating whole fruit in all its juicy glory, there are other options to enjoy fruits. These include purees, powders, sliced dry fruit, fruit seed oil, concentrate, and so on. 

The variations open you up to multiple recipes to try out. For example, pure cranberry powder can be used easily in beverages, confectionery, and smoothies. 

2. There Are Square Watermelons

Sure, you are used to the oval-shaped watermelons we have around. Well, in Japan, people enjoy their watermelon just as much. However, Japan has an interesting variety that is grown in a cube and ends up square-shaped.

One reason for this is scarcity of space. Houses are smaller in Japan than we have here due to lack of space. This means smaller refrigerators. Cubed melons are easier to store in smaller fridges. 

3. Limited Fatty Options

One reason why fruit is a popular addition to weight loss diets is its zero fat content. You can enjoy most fruit and get the water content, plus multiple vitamins without ingesting any fat.

The only fruits that contain some fat are coconuts and avocados, which derive the bulk of their calories from fat. Most other fruits get most of their caloric content from carbohydrates. 

4. Fruit Salad Trees Are A Thing

This might sound like something out of a fairy tale or sci-fi movie, but it’s actually a real thing. Over time, agricultural technology and research have yielded numerous other ways to do things. One of these is a fruit salad tree. 

This is essentially a tree that grows different fruits from the same family. This is done by grafting, which is joining two plants into one as opposed to cross-pollinating.

5. Pineapples Are Berries

Even though their name ends with ‘apples,’ pineapples are berries, not apples. 

Essentially, pineapples are not even a single fruit. Instead, they are a bunch of berries fused to a central stalk. 

As you can see, there is a lot more to fruit than previously thought. But, all these fun facts aside, the importance of a fruit-rich diet remains the same. 

One of the best things you can do for yourself is gobble them up in whatever form.