With autumn upon us, it’s not very long before Canada’s roads are filled with snow, slush, and ice. Drivers modify their vehicle for the winter season by doing things like putting on snow tires, but the characteristics of the vehicle itself as well as an advanced suite of technological features can make for a safer ride for everybody.

Let’s take a look at the fleet of 2020 Lincoln SUVs to learn more about why they’re so perfect for Canada’s cold weather.

Big Vehicles with Heft

When you’re driving in slippery winter conditions, heavier vehicles get more traction. If an accident is unavoidable, it’s also better to be in as heavy and strong a vehicle as possible.

Choose from the Nautilus, Navigator, or Aviator when looking for a Lincoln for sale with size, as these SUVs are among the biggest in their class. When you’re driving and cars around you begin to slip, you’ll be glad you’re in a Lincoln SUV.

Advanced Safety Features Galore

For years, the physical traits of the vehicle were the main thing helping drivers get through winter conditions, but today’s modern technological features make driving safer in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360 is a suite of driver-assist technologies that help you drive confidently and safely in any conditions. For example, the BLIS Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert helps keep you aware of vehicles that aren’t directly in your line of sight. If visibility is low during a winter storm, you’ll always know if a vehicle is dangerously close to you, so you can steer clear of it.

Pre-Collision Assist with Emergency Braking uses radar technology to scan in front of the vehicle to detect other cars or pedestrians. If the car senses that a collision may be imminent, the brakes automatically get readied for evasive action. This will help you lessen the impact of a collision that’s unavoidable, or help you prevent it from happening altogether.

Auto high beam headlights scan the road for other vehicles and light up brighter when it’s appropriate. Adaptive headlights make sure the light cast on the road is always pointed in the optimal direction, even when you’re turning a bend. Such advanced lighting technology helps you see in the earlier autumn twilights, and well into the darkness of Canadian winter.

Advancetrac with Electronic Stability Control, Roll Stability Control

In what is perhaps the safety feature most useful in winter conditions, today’s Lincolns can sense that your vehicle is losing traction on slippery roads and give you more control by applying the brake and the throttle. No matter what the roads are like, you’ll always have control when you’re in a Lincoln SUV.

The Navigator, Nautilus and Aviator differ in terms of things like the engine specifications and other features, but they all have the same rugged build and the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 features which make driving in the Canadian cold easier and safer. Whichever SUV you select from Lincoln fleet, you’ll be riding in style, comfort and safety when the weather starts to dip.