It’s officially that time of the year when things start to get serious again. The summertime fun is coming to an end, as folks gear up to take on the fall season. Yet, this is also the perfect time to get back into self-care mode. Commit to looking and feeling your best with these 5 recommendations.

Nutrition Plan
Food is fuel. Any fitness regimen that is not founded on the right nutrition plan is doomed to fail. Besides looking good, the right nutrition plan will also help you zero in on the health results you want to achieve. If you want to slim down, consider the ketogenic diet that helps your body hit a fat-burning mode called ketosis. This diet will include a drastic cutting down of carbs in exchange for healthy, fatty foods like fish, eggs, and avocados. Keep in mind that it’s best to work with a specialist when undergoing any drastic lifestyle changes.

Workout Plan
The idea of workout plans can seem daunting to the average beginner. Routines can be intimidating, and even though you end up with a sore body, you wonder whether you did it right or not.

Eliminate any doubts and create a workout plan that’s customized to your likes. If you can’t hit the gym four times per week, consider walking or biking to work to make up the time. And don’t forget, working out doesn’t have to be a solitary thing. Grab a few friends and take some kickboxing classes.

After all the summer sun and fun you had, your skin may need some extra care. Keeping your skin healthy is a vital part of any health and fitness regiment.

Keep your skin feeling smooth and radiant by removing unwanted hair regularly. The good news is there’s no need to schedule a series of salon appointments. Simply purchase a handheld laser hair removal device to get rid of the hair on your legs, underarms, and bikini line. At home permanent hair removal devices are safe to use because they’re made with the same technology used by dermatologists.

Fitness Tracking Apps
Not everyone loves exercising. Not everyone that enjoys exercising likes going to the gym. And this is where fitness tracking apps like FitBit come in. Instead of committing to a gym membership that may or may not work for you, try using apps to keep you motivated.

Depending on the app, you can customize workouts based on your fitness level or on the body areas you want to target. Some apps even connect you with a virtual trainer to give you additional guidance and support.

This fall, take control of your sleep schedule so you can feel more energized the next day. Do an inventory of your physical environment. Does your bedroom evoke peace and relaxation? If not, take a few steps to create a more comforting ambiance.

First, only use the bedroom for sleeping. Routinely working in bed can make it harder for your brain to shut off and go to sleep. Next, set the room temperature to cool and darken the room with blackout curtains. For those who need to be near their phone at all times, set it to ‘do not disturb’ in order not to interrupt your sleep.

If you want to look and feel better this fall, consider these 5 tips to help you get started!