When spring comes, thoughts go to proms, graduation, and another school year in the books.
Before you know it, summer is here and the family is vacationing often.
In the event you have an older teenager or two in the house, have you thought about them driving?
For parents, the idea of their son or daughter getting behind the wheel can prove frightening.
Before long, yet, that teen is a rather confident driver. In fact, they may even end up with their own vehicle before long.
That said what about the idea of buying your teen his or her car or truck?
Better yet, what about a brand new vehicle?

Rewarding Your Teen for Excellence

Often, parents will want to do whatever it takes to please their young one.

Instead of opting for a cheaper used vehicle, they will decide on going all the way, purchasing a new car. This will oftentimes be as a graduation gift for doing an outstanding job in school.

No matter what the reason you may buy your teen a new vehicle, make sure they understand the decision you’ve made.

Among the areas to cover with your teen before they ever get a set of keys in their hands:

1. Responsibility

Above all else, responsibility when getting behind the wheel is crucial.

Whether buying them a car from a new BMW dealership or elsewhere, focus on responsibility.

Not only is that responsibility important on the road, but also off too.

From sound driving to vehicle maintenance (see more below), they must be responsible.

If your teen who is not the most responsible individual, buying a new vehicle for them may not be the wisest choice.

2. Upkeep
The upkeep of their new vehicle is not something to gloss over.
By taking care of their car, they are doing two things.
The first is prolonging the lifetime of the vehicle.
Oil changes, tire rotations, brakes jobs and more will keep the vehicle running for a longer time.

The other benefit to your teen’s focus on regular maintenance is it teaches them about the value of a dollar.

Buying and taking care of one’s vehicle is a good investment now and down the road.

Be sure to instill in your teen that they are responsible for knowing when it is time to take the vehicle to a mechanic.

3. Safety

As important as responsibility and upkeep are, never lose sight of safety.

Unfortunately, statistics bear out young drivers tend to be in more accidents.
As a result, make sure you stress upon your teen how he or she must always make safety their top focus.
Among the important factors in play to lessen the chances of an auto accident:

· Avoiding drinking and driving

· Not using their cell phones while on the road

· Keeping their eyes and ears on the road when with their friends

· Steering clear of any road rage incidents

When your teen gets home safe and sound each day, you will relax more.

If the time has come to buy your teen a new car, are they and you ready to take this next drive in life?