Are you looking for career options in the medical field? If that’s the case, you might want to check out interventional radiology.

With this career, you’ll be responsible for performing minor surgeries using radiology imaging. It includes targeted or minimal treatment for several serious conditions. So, what do you need to know about it?

Here are a couple of things you should know when it comes to the profession. Let’s begin!

Ideal for Those Looking for a Challenge

Radiology is one of the most challenging health careers. That’s because it takes precision to make a diagnosis and complete procedures.

The work you do varies on your focus. For example, you either treat illnesses and diseases, or you specialize in diagnostics. Even the equipment you use changes based on those duties.

It’s vital that you understand the responsibility that comes with it. That way, you can execute the job well while ensuring it works out well.

Many Work Opportunities

An interventional radiologist is one of the jobs in healthcare that have lots of future opportunities. You can work in different medical sectors, surgical sectors, or radiology clinics.

When you’re an interventional radiology nurse, your responsibility applies to people of all ages and spectrums. At the same time, your work hours will also vary on the sector you fall under. Whichever place you start a new job, you’ll be open to lots of employment opportunities in healthcare.

Varying Responsibilities

Like other medical careers, an interventional radiologist has a lot of responsibilities. These often revolve around minimally invasive procedures and the technologies needed for them.

But besides these, you also have more duties to complete. This includes the following:

Screening Patients

You may have to contact patients before they come in for procedures. When you do so, you also have to review medications and recap the guidelines for the patient.


When you do a check-in, it’s usually to educate your patient about the procedures. That means before, during, and after.

During this part, you need to let your patients know pre and post-procedure checklists.


Most health and wellness careers require you to work with other health professionals. It also applies when you work on a radiology procedure. You can look into cardiac interventional radiography as it deals with more extensive procedures.

Education and License

If you want to work as an interventional radiologist, you should know there are a lot of educational requirements to achieve. But it’s good to note that the profession requires you to be a registered nurse.

And so, that means you have to have a medical degree and pass the licensure exam for registered nurses. It usually doesn’t require certification, but it’s good to have one for credibility.

Choosing the Right Career Options in the Medical Field

Having a career in interventional radiology is not an easy job. If you want to get into the profession, it’s good to know the details about it first. Make sure to do your research to see if it is a career you can see yourself in.

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