Seventy-three percent of dog owners have used some kind of training method.

Training is one way that humans and dogs can bond with each other. Puppy training is a way that we can teach our dogs what behavior is and isn’t acceptable.

Training dogs can be very rewarding, but it takes time and effort on your part.

If you are looking for puppy training tips, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Start With the Basics

When training a puppy, it’s important to start with the basic commands like sit, stay, and down.

These commands are simple for both humans and dogs to understand. So, they’re perfect for building on your relationship with your puppy.

You should also be sure to practice these basic commands regularly so that they become second nature for both of you.

2. Establish a Routine

Dogs thrive on routine, so when training a puppy, it’s important to establish a schedule.

This should include things like eating, sleeping, playing, grooming, and more. You should also establish a potty-training schedule if you want your puppy to hold it until you take him outside.

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3. Keep the Treats Coming

If your pup does something you like, give him a treat.

The key here is that you should only give the treat after your dog has completed the action. If he begins to do something, but then stops halfway through, don’t give him any reward at all.

It’s important to keep the treats coming because this will help encourage your puppy to continue doing what you want him to do.

4. Be Consistent and Persistent

If you want your puppy to learn a new command, then you need to be consistent and persistent.

If you only practice the command a few times a day, then your puppy will soon forget what he’s supposed to do. Instead of doing this, try to practice the command at least ten times each day.

The more often you repeat behaviors with your puppy, the quicker he will learn them.

5. Make Training Fun

When you begin training your puppy, try to make it as fun as possible.

Play games with him that require him to learn a new command. Or perform a certain action.

For example, if your puppy doesn’t know how to sit, then try playing fetch with him using his favorite toy.

Puppy Training Is Worth It in the End

Puppies are adorable, but they can also be destructive and annoying. It’s much easier to get them to listen when they are young than it is when they are older and bigger.

That’s why puppy training is so important. It can help you avoid many problems later in life, and it will make your puppy much happier and easier to live with.

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