Finding the right retirement home for yourself or your elderly kin can certainly be difficult. Learn how to find an appropriate retirement community in 2020.

Deciding to finally retire can be a very stressful period in your life. Deciding to move into a retirement home can take some of the guesswork out of it. There are so many options it might still be overwhelming.

Here are some things to think about when deciding which retirement home would best suit you. 

Social Life

One of the best retirement community features is the active social schedule. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you don’t want to get out and about with friends and neighbors.

Many retirement communities bolster busy schedules that offer something for everyone. Community gardening, neighborhood barbeques, and evening concerts just to name a few. 

It’s been proven that more social interaction helps you live a longer and more fulfilling life. It’s also comforting to know you have your community around you.

Look at the social schedules and the activities available to residents at the communities with homes you are interested in. 

Cost of Living

Depending on your financial situation, retirement can seem daunting. Luckily, there are options for every budget. 

According to, $1503 is the average monthly social security income. There are appropriate retirement homes that cater to seniors living on their social security income alone. There are many over 55 affordable retirement communities. 

You can make sure you get the most out of your dollars by being vigilant with the rental contracts and making sure there are no hidden fees.

Some retirement homes include some utilities in the price, like water or cable. If the internet is a concern, some communities offer free wifi in shared areas like clubhouses. 

There are also more lavish options for those with a higher budget. There is an array of beautiful and luxurious homes to enjoy your retirement years in.

Retirement Home Amenities 

Most retirement communities offer a number of amenities to their residents. Some have restaurants that offer meal plans. Pools are a great way to have summer fun and get some low impact exercise. 

Look at communities with the amenities that are important to you. Almost all include landscaping and yard work but some even offer 24/7 maintenance for anything that may go wrong in your living space.

If you like to stay active, there are some that offer gym memberships or walking trails. These are likely to have fitness classes as well. 

Ask for a tour of the amenities of each location you visit to get a clear view of what they have to offer. 

Choosing a Location

Due to the popularity of retirement home living, there are options in every state. You can have a pick of where you’d like to enjoy your senior years. 

There are states that offer retirement incentives and do not tax your social security income. 

Other things to consider is the environment. Do you want to live near the mountains or the ocean? You might consider a location with a more temperate climate and avoid any extreme weather. 

Do you want to stay near your family? Do you have children and grandchildren you want to be close to? These are important questions to ask yourself as you are picking the best retirement home. 

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Now that you’re retiring, you have more time to devote to leisure activities. This is another thing to consider when choosing an appropriate retirement community for you. 

If you enjoy cycling, you might want to consider a community located in a city with plenty of cycling paths. If you enjoy art and theater, you could think about retirement homes near museums and entertainment arenas. 

Think about new skills or maybe a trade that you want to delve into. There are even retirement communities near Universities and colleges. It’s never too late to learn something new!


If healthcare is a concern of yours, make sure you look into what kind of medical staff is available at the retirement community you are interested in.

Some communities have on-site medical facilities. Some offer doctors and nurses available on call. This could help ease your mind if you have medical concerns.

Be aware that most communities are not required to have medically trained staff and that’s something to keep in mind. 

There are some communities that offer medical transport to nearby hospitals and facilities instead of inhouse. Choosing this option usually offers a reduction in cost. 


More seniors are deciding to stay off the road. If you’ve decided to retire from driving as well, you might be interested in a community that is more inclusive. There are some that make up their own little towns, filled with small stores, shops, and restaurants so that everything is within a short distance from your home. 

There are also options for community shuttles and buses to help you get the most out of the amenities and activities. 

You should also consider the public transportation system of the surrounding city or town. You might want to learn about the bus or train system that you’ll have available. 

If you decide to bring your car with you, there might be an additional charge involved in the parking space or car storage. Some communities don’t even allow individual vehicles, make sure to check with them. 

Long Term Planning

As we continue getting older, you take into account what happens when some household chores become to difficult. You might end up needing assistance. It is important to note whether the communities you look into have any living transitioning plans.

There are some that have a tiered system for people who end up needing assisted living as they get older. It is something to think about as you are choosing which community you’d like to be a part of. 

It Is Your Retirement

You deserve to enjoy your retirement. This should help you ask the right questions when choosing what retirement home you spend your senior years. 

What kind of lifestyle do you hope to adopt in your retirement years? There are many doors open to you now. Read more about how you can spend your retirement here.