It’s been suggested that as many as 30% of Americans have a problem with alcohol.

Alcohol misuse can cause long term problems, such as liver disease, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, cancer, and dementia.

If you’ve managed to kick your drinking habit, then one of the most difficult aspects of staying sober is socializing.

How do you avoid a drink when your friends are spending hours in bars and drinking in front of you? In this article, we’ll look at a few tips for how to stay sober. Let’s get started.

1. Change Your Hangouts

If you usually meet your friends at drinking establishments, then let them know that you won’t be frequenting these hangouts for some time.

Rather than cutting your friends out completely, invite them somewhere new. Perhaps you can go to a cafe in the day or for a meal?

Why not visit a museum, take a walk in the park, or even go to a class? Not your thing? Check out local sober bars that are on the rise.

If your friends simply aren’t interested in spending time away from their favorite bar, then it’s time to meet new, sober friends.

2. Be Prepared for Teasing

Hopefully, your friends are well-meaning, but they may occasionally slip up and try to pressure you to drink.

Before you go out with old friends, prepare for the worst. Expect them to tease you or nag you about drinking. Be ready with answers to their probing questions.

The first time you meet old friends will likely be the hardest. So, explain why you have chosen to go sober, ask them for their help, and if they continue to pressure you to drink, be ready to leave.

It’s likely that the worst-case scenario won’t happen as most are supportive of those who are getting clean.

3. Keep a Non-Alcoholic Drink In Hand

Friends may offer you a drink while you’re out. At this moment, your resolve will be seriously tested.

In order to avoid this scenario, try to keep a non-alcoholic drink in hand at all times. Luckily, such drinks are often cheaper than alcohol.

Why not try simply sipping on soda water with lemon? Or, have a lemonade on hand. Alternatively, simply having tap water will give your hand something to do and is a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

However, try to avoid non-alcoholic beer or wine as this can be a trigger for alcoholics.

4. Be Prepared to Leave Early

You may feel that not consuming alcohol while surrounded by those who are drinking will result in a boring night.

But, if you go into the evening with a positive mindset, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy yourself.

Stay upbeat and get the most out of conversations. Then, when you feel that your morale is drooping, drive yourself home!

5. Plan Something Fun for the Morning After

If you’re used to every Saturday morning waking up with an awful hangover, plan something enjoyable instead.

Consider going for a run, meeting another sober friend, taking a yoga class, attending a market, or exploring a new part of town.

How to Stay Sober? Make New Friends

Although keeping your old friends may be important to you, it’s likely that you won’t want to socialize in the same way with them anymore.

Continue to see these friends but stick to coffee breaks or meetups during the day. Then, see your sober friends during the evening.

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