Let’s face it: power failure can be quite frustrating. 

Power blackouts can be very disruptive irrespective of how long the interruption goes on for. 

You can mitigate this by putting certain measures in place in readiness for an outage. 

While some of these don’t cost much, some require a significant financial undertaking. 

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Here are five tips to help you manage power failure better.

1. Keep an Ear Out 

Most authorities will issue planned power outages notices in advance. Unlike emergency outages, these allow you to plan. 

Once such a notice is out, you can take measures to ensure you and your family’s comfort during the duration of the outage. 

Some of the things you can do include pre-prepping meals and powering your gadgets. 

2. Build an Emergency Kit

Planned outages give you time to prepare; emergency outages do not. An emergency kit assumes you might be on your own for a couple of days and allows you to plan accordingly. 

Some of the required items for the kit include:

  • Food and water rations enough for three days
  • Battery-powered radio and weather radio with a tone alert
  • Flashlights, first aid kits, and batteries
  • Toiletries
  • Can openers
  • Cell phones with a backup battery

3. Have a Backup Power Plan

In an outage, a power generator can be an absolute lifesaver. These can be set up to kick in once the power goes off. 

These come in handy because, once fueled, they can haul you over for the duration of the blackout. 

Depending on your home’s energy needs, a generator can power up your entire house or part of it to ensure you remain comfortable and functional during the blackout. 

Always ensure the generator is well maintained and winterized over the seasons. This will ensure it functions as it should and serves you well during power outages. 

4. Have an Alternative Way to Cook

You need to have an alternative cooking method aside from electrical power. 

Cooking is among the main stressors in a blackout, especially when you have smaller kids. 

Barbeque stove, camping grill, and manual stoves are some ideal options. 

However, if your cooking substitute does expel carbon monoxide, ensure to cook from outside or an adequately aerated area of your home for your own safety. 

5. Protect Your Appliances

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, you can plan accordingly by ensuring your appliances are protected. 

The simplest way of doing this is by having surge protectors for your electrical appliance. 


An outage always comes with an accompanying level of inconvenience. However, these tips will help minimize the inconvenience can protect your appliances from damage.