Although things are looking up for the state of the world, we may still be staying home and streaming for some time. The good news is that the autumn season still brings sports, colder weather, and cozy times! That means that even though we don’t get to go out and do much, we should really take this time to focus on the beauty that is our home. Normally everyone decorates for Halloween and the winter holidays, but we hope that you don’t skip the opportunity to decorate your home for fall! We’re here to show you that it doesn’t take too much effort to get your home feeling nice and cozy! Alright, are you ready?! Let’s get to it!

1. Outdoor Flag

It is always on our minds to decorate the inside of our places, that we sometimes forget about the outside of our home. A fall garden flag, from the small business Vine and Nest, is the perfect fall addition to the outside! With three different flags to choose from, you are sure to find the right one to match your fall vibes. Plus, with its low price point, it is a steal and it is proof that it doesn’t take much to get into the mood of the season! If seeing this in your yard doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, hopefully the fact that you have supported a small business will!

2. Our Song in a Frame

If there is a song that gets you particularly in the mood for this season, we have the perfect idea for you. Pick your favorite song and it will be made into a print! Our Song in a Frame creates a perfectly framed piece for your wall. They have multiple styles to choose from, but they all look like a classic vinyl hanging on your wall. You can also add some information about why it is your favorite! You can add your name, and maybe someone else who helps to make this song special, and a date if that adds significance for you too! Then you let them get to work! This one also just spruces up your home in general, so why wait! Submit your song, get it printed, and let the decorating begin.

3. Flower Arrangements 

A great way to instantly boost any room in your home and give it a nice fall feel is with flowers for delivery from FTD. They have all the best arrangements to make you home festive. There is a cornucopia full of red, orange, and yellow flowers to choose from… if that doesn’t scream FALL to you, we don’t know what will. And if that screams fall a little too loudly, they have tons of other arrangements to choose from. But we of course recommend going big, and staying home. And who would want to leave the house when it’s full of beautiful, blooming florals anyway? (Not us!)

4. A New Throw

Fall means the weather is getting  a little cooler. So, it’s time to find the coziest, throw blankets to use wherever you find yourself lounging this season. From faux fur, to Sherpa, to knits, they really have it all! Their throws come in all different price points and they even have some that you can customize! That way no one is fighting over whose throw is whose. Everyone will have their own way to stay cozy, and each one will contribute to the Fall feel you are hoping for in your space. The best part about these throws is that their versatile Fall feel will help you already get a start on your spruce up for Winter, too!

5. A Perfectly-Scented Candle

Scented candles are an easy way to make your house feel and smell more festive. Try out specialty candle shops like Illume, for example. Consider a fresh scent that will transform your place into a spa-like oasis. It will help to relax you and make you feel comfier while you lounge, eat soup, and have a nice cup of tea at the end of the day! 

Now, get to work cozying up your home! You’ll be glad you did. Happy Fall, ya’ll!