Dating is tough enough on its own. Finding a guy that you’re crazy about and then watching as he gravitates toward someone else makes the entire process that much more difficult and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be like this. 

5 Tips to Get the Guy of Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered why certain women are able to connect with any guy they want? (And we’re not talking about cleavage-induced bar conversations and one-night stands. We’re talking about actually finding healthy, long-term relationships with attractive, successful men.) Well, they have a few tricks up their sleeves. Here are some of the top tactics:

1. Lead With Disinterest

Girls often use the “playing hard to get” card more than they should. And it’s easy to take things too far and actually turn a guy off. But there is something to be said for leading with disinterest.

Leading with disinterest means not playing your cards too early. When you meet a guy that you’re head over heels for, you simply smile and then start talking to someone else. If he starts conversation with you, you keep it short and then move on. Then, after doing this for a short period of time, you switch gears and play up the genuine interest that you have.

This approach is subtle yet effective. It makes the guy want something he can’t have, but then follows it up with an opportunity. Guys love pursuit. They love the thrill of the chase. Make him chase a bit!

2. Have an Opinion

Far too many women turn into people pleasers when they like a man. They just nod their head and go along with whatever the guy says. But contrary to popular belief, most men aren’t looking for someone who agrees with everything. They want a genuine woman who is confident in her own beliefs.

Have opinions on things and don’t be afraid to share these opinions. Stick to your guns and you’ll impress the kinds of guys you want to impress. 

3. Flirt With Confidence

Everything you’ve been taught about how to flirt is a lie. The tactics you see on sitcoms and movies tell you to play dumb and ditzy. They encourage you to laugh a lot and “accidentally” brush up against guys. But here’s the deal: Most guys (at least guys that you want to be with) aren’t fond of the whole “damsel in distress” thing. They’d much rather be in a relationship with a woman who has some confidence. 

How do you attract a man? You flirt with confidence. This means being bold enough to say something like, “I think you’re cute” rather than having your friend tell him you think he’s cute. Do you see the difference?

4. Become an Amateur Psychologist

If you really want to set yourself up for dating success, you need to become an amateur psychologist. Learn about people and what makes them tick. Drill down and focus on very specific types of people.

For example, find out what makes Taurus men tick. Or do some research on how to appeal to entrepreneurs. As you uncover the psychological frameworks behind different types of men, you’ll find it easier to engage them in meaningful ways.  

5. Listen More Than You Talk

People love to talk about themselves and/or things they’re interested in. If you want to keep a guy engaged in conversation, ask questions and listen more than you talk. Not only will you learn about the guy, but you’ll also make him feel good. It’s a double win!

The key to listening is to block out all distractions. Stop thinking about what your next question will be and listen to the words coming out of his mouth. Nod and gesture to show that you’re following. Smile, laugh, and show emotion. This is how you connect.

Be Smart With Your New Superpower

We’ve just armed you with some powerful secrets and techniques that you can use to up your game and win over the guy of your dreams. But with great power comes great responsibility. If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up attracting lots of guys, including ones that you have no business being in a relationship with. Be smart and always make sure you’re going after men that align with your wants, needs, and beliefs.