Research shows that 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end up in divorce. This literally means whether your marriage survives or thrives until death do you part is a toss of the coin.

It’s not that divorce is a bad thing. If you no longer feel that you love your partner or your partner has betrayed you, it’s only fair to yourself that you walk out of the marriage.

However, divorce is not always necessary. There’s no problem too big to be solved, no love too weak to be reinvigorated.

Continue reading for relationship tips that will help you to keep the spark alive and sustain a long, healthy marriage.

Embrace the Faults of Your Spouse

No human is without fault.

In the context of marriage, some faults can be enough to send you to the divorce court. In most cases, though, your marriage will be just fine if you learn to embrace the faults of your spouse and vice versa.

We know what you’re thinking. “My spouse wasn’t this way when we were dating or in the early years of our marriage.”

Well, your spouse certainly had the same faults they have now. You just weren’t to keen to notice. Or you focused on their strengths, which masked your ability to recognize those faults.

Accepting that your spouse has faults is key to a thriving marriage. You won’t be in shock every time the fault manifests itself. Besides, you also need to accept that you have your own share of faults, which you expect your spouse to embrace.

Communication Bridges Two Worlds

Communication between couples tends to peter out the longer they stay in a relationship.


We expect our spouses to observe and embrace the patterns that unfold in our relationships.

Let’s say you love to stay out late. Nothing wrong with this. But when your relationship was new and love filled the air, it was natural for you to tell your spouse that you would be out late. Then as years flew by, you stopped informing your spouse, expecting that they will know you’ll stay out late.

They might know that, for sure, but it’s that simple text or phone call that makes all the difference. It’s that communication that dissolves the growing resentment.

Communicate with your spouse openly and with honesty, all the time.

The Bedroom Is the Heart of Every Marriage

Once a week.

That’s how many times the average adult in the United States gets some sex.

Once a week. Four times a month. Let this sink in.

Are you in a sexless marriage? If yes, there’s no doubt you’re headed to the divorce court.

Sex breeds intimacy among couples; a strong emotional connection that’s hard to breach. This isn’t to say you should aim at getting some bedroom action as many times as possible. It’s all about meeting your sexual needs as a couple.

Spice up things in the bedroom. Break boundaries. Try out some intimate products. Push your spouse to their sexual edge and let them burn with desire.

Use These Relationship Tips to Keep the Spark Alive

Till death do us apart.

This is what most couples promise, but many don’t live to fulfill it. Don’t be among those who break this soulful promise.

Yes, marriages experience big challenges, but you shouldn’t take the first exit. Use these relationship tips to reignite the spark and keep the ship of your marriage sailing in tranquil waters.

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