Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship and life. Whether you’ve been with your partner for ten years or haven’t yet made it to the bedroom, you probably want the best sex that you can have.

If you want to learn how to have better sex, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go through a few tips and tricks that will help you up your bedroom game and provide better satisfaction for you and your partner.

Let’s begin!

1. Communicate With Your Partner

Communicating with your partner is essential for better sex. Clear communication shows that you know what both partners need and value. It’s hard to be in tune with each other’s feelings if you don’t talk about them.

Discuss the kind of sex you want and need, discuss any boundaries and navigate the different preferences you might have. Talk about what feels good, what you are both open to trying, and what you might be uncomfortable with. 

Once you have communicated these, actively listen to your partner as they share their own needs and desires. Don’t be afraid to have open, honest conversations about sex with your partner.

2. Experiment With Different Positions

Experimenting with different sexual positions is one of the most effective ways to have better sex. Switching between a few different techniques can help break up the monotony of what may have become a recurrent sex life. Try out new positions, such as girl on top, doggy style, or even one that you make up!

Be mindful that the other person is comfortable with any new positions. Bring add-ons in the form of props, like soft pillows, to help ease into any new positions and increase comfort. Talk to your partner throughout it to ensure both of your nerves stay relaxed.

3. Focus on Foreplay

One of the most overlooked but important keys to better sex is focusing on foreplay. This can include anything from kissing and caressing each other’s body to longer acts of intimacy such as massages or oral sex. Taking the time to explore each other’s body and paying close attention to erogenous zones can be incredibly arousing for both of you.

Another good tip for having better sex is to introduce sex toys, explore fantasies, and kinks, and build anticipation by teasing each other throughout the day and texting each other with sexy words and images. Foreplay can help to set the tone for a fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience.

4. Use Lubrication

Using lubrication when having sex is essential for a better experience. Lubrication helps create a smoother and more comfortable motion between partners. Start by using a small amount of lube on the penis, or use a personal lubricant specifically designed for use during intercourse.

Not only will lubrication make sex more enjoyable, but it also helps with contraception and will reduce the chances of any injuries being caused. When using lubrication, use water-based lubricants as they are compatible with all types of condoms. Silicone-based lubricants should be avoided as they may cause damage to condoms.

Be sure to choose lubricants that are free of dehydration, fragrances, and irritating ingredients. Don’t forget that too much lubrication can reduce the sensation during sex, so it’s best to apply the lube in small amounts and readjust as necessary.

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Practicing relaxation techniques should be the first tip on how to have better sex since it can lead to more enjoyable and frequent sex. Uncontrolled stress can lead to unsatisfactory sex life, so focusing on relaxing before and during sex is key. One could start by taking a few deep breaths and focusing on relaxation, gradually letting your muscles relax with each exhale.

Other effective techniques include yoga and visualizing a peaceful place. This will help reduce stress and increase intimacy, as well as lead to better orgasms for both partners.

Listening to quiet music and dimming lights can help create a more calming atmosphere. Practicing relaxation techniques will not only improve sex but it will other aspects of a person’s life.

Make it a habit to have some regular exercises. If you are not sure what exercises helps with good sex, learn more.

6. Pay Attention to Your Body

One of the most effective ways to ensure you’re having better sex is to pay attention to your body. Pay attention to what feels good, what doesn’t, and where you and your partner should focus their efforts. If you need more focus on a particular area, guide your partner and communicate what works for you.

Additionally, figure out what you need at the moment and ask for it. Whether it’s focusing on something specific or needing more time to relax and help your body get into the right space, talking about it and making sure you’re both getting what you need can benefit both of you. 

7. Take Your Time

Rushing through sex can not only negatively affect both partners, but it can be a major source of dissatisfaction after the act. Instead, use a sensual mindset and practice savoring the experience. Start slow – both in terms of speed and action – as well as experientially and progressively build up to satisfying intensity.

Take time to explore each other and savor the sensations this creates. Invest time in foreplay: kisses, touches, caresses, and more, that build anticipation and desire. When one partner is ready, provide just enough pressure and movement to keep the fire burning.

Then return to more teasing and pleasure, teasing the climax until both partners reach an intense and satisfying point.

8. Practice Safe Sex

Practicing safe sex is an important part of having better sex. Using barrier methods such as condoms and dams is a simple way to prevent the spread of STIs and keep you healthy during sexual activity.

Make sure to use a new condom every time you change partners or sexual activities. Regular check-ups with a doctor are another important part of practicing safe sex. Ask your doctor about the best tests for your sexual habits and get screened regularly for STIs.

Learn How to Have Better Sex

By using these tips on how to have better sex, you can have better sex that satisfies both you and your partner. Remember to spend quality time with each other, regularly schedule sex, focus on communication, and always prioritize mutual pleasure. So take the time to improve your sex, and enjoy the benefits!

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