Professional and amateur golfers alike need to know the proper attire for golf. Failure to dress the part can not only ruin your experience but also bring unwanted attention, such as a rules infraction.

Golf is an etiquette-driven sport, and one misstep can cost you a stroke or two. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, golfers need to keep a two-fold guide in mind: do’s, and don’ts. Read below to find out more.

The Do’s

When it comes to proper golfing attire, it’s important to dress according to the environment and your skill level. Following these “dos” of proper golf attire will ensure a pleasant experience on the course.

Wear Sneakers or Running Shoes

If the course you’re playing requires soft spike shoes, you’ll need to purchase a pair of spikes specifically designed for golf courses. Being mindful of the dress code should also be taken into consideration when selecting footwear.

Wearing a sneaker that is aesthetically pleasing to you and a golf course is absolutely recommended. Also, keep in mind that sneakers or running shoes made of mesh, suede, and synthetic leather are preferable as they are more water and stain resistant.

You should focus on comfort and stability instead of fashion, as stylish shoes may lead to foot injuries. Quality spikes will provide essential grip for putting and driving. 

Put on Golf Gloves

There are many dos when it comes to a proper golfing outfit, but perhaps none is more important than putting on golf gloves. A good pair of gloves are designed to provide good grip and protection and is an essential piece to any golfer’s kit.

When choosing golf gloves, it is important to pick one that fits snugly and is also made of quality materials so it will last a long time. You should also wear the glove on your dominant hand, as this will help provide you with the best grip.

Once you have your golf glove on, it is important to keep both hands snug and pushed together, allowing you to have a sure grip on your club at all times. It is also advised to never wear two gloves, as this could affect your grip on the club.

Lastly, make sure your glove stays dry and well-maintained, as a wet glove will reduce your grip and therefore lose power when taking your shots.

Put On Collared or Polo Shirts

To ensure a professional and respectful atmosphere in the club and golf course, apparel suitable for the game of golf should be observed. Put on collared or polo shirts.

These shirts provide a neat and tidy appearance that is respectful to other players and the nature of the game. Choose colors that are more muted and conservative, in accordance with the dress code policies set by the club, such as light pastels or navy and black.

Pair the shirts with tailored pants or shorts that are also muted. For female golfers, a skirt or shorts with a collared shirt is ideal. Make sure all garments are ironed and free of holes. Clothes should not be too tight or loose. 

Proper attire is an essential part of having an enjoyable and successful golf game. Also, the knowledge of the golfing terms provides the golfer with an appreciation of the culture and the basics of the game.

To experience the full potential of golf, equip yourself with both the right attire and the right terms. Get out there, give golf a try, check out this helpful article to learn more about golf terms, and make sure to have fun!

The Don’ts

When it comes to proper golf attire, there are certain don’ts you should take into consideration. Keep the course a respectable and comforting place for all players by simply avoiding these don’ts of proper golf attire.

Display Your Cleavage

Golf is an elegant game that revels in tradition and etiquette. As such, it is important to note that bearing excess skin, particularly cleavage, is not acceptable attire for the golf course.

Low-rise shorts and mini skirts should also be avoided as neither are appropriate in terms of their stance on modesty. Any type of attire with the purpose of distracting other players should also be avoided.

Moreover, those with a preference for low-cut golf attire should opt for polo tops or shirts with collars instead, ensuring that their attire is modest and in line with golf etiquette. Last, but not least, golfers should always check with the club prior to their game day, as some places have restrictions on certain dress codes.

Put On Extravagant Hats

When it comes to proper golf attire, putting on extravagant hats is generally frowned upon. Not only can they be a distraction to others on the course, but they can also interfere with one’s ability to make a proper swing.

Also, many golf courses have specific dress codes that do not allow hats with excessive decorations. This can range from shopping, such as feathers, sequins, and rhinestones to even brim designs that are overly large and distracting.

Hats should also be removed when inside a clubhouse, locker room, or out of respect when addressing the ball. Extravagant hats should be reserved for special occasions, and one should always remember to respect the traditional dress codes of golf courses.

Put On Metal Spikes

One of the most important don’ts of proper golf attire is to not put on metal spikes. Metal spikes can damage and tear up the greens and can ruin the playing surface for other golfers. 

It can create deep grooves in the ground, which can be a hazard to golfers. Also, metal spikes can be very slippery in wet grass and can cause the golfer to lose his footing, leading to any type of injury.

Furthermore, it may also be prohibited at certain golf courses, so it is best to check with the golf course before putting on metal spikes. In summary, wearing metal spikes is not proper golf attire, as it can damage the course, be dangerous, and potentially be prohibited.

Discover This Attire for Golf Today

Proper attire for golf isn’t just about making sure you look professional. It’s also about making sure you’re comfortable and can move with ease. Dress for success and follow the suggested dos and don’ts of golf etiquette.

Stay up to date on modern trends, but always keep older, tried-and-true styles in mind. With the right golf attire, you’re sure to turn heads and dominate the fairway! Try it for yourself today!

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