The summer gives us the chance to really make use of outdoor spaces and get active as we do so. Whether you are playing in the garden or in a local park, there are a range of outdoor games which you can play with your family and friends. Let’s take a look at just some of these awesome outdoor games to play this summer in the sun!

Nerf Party 

You may think that Nerf guns are just for kids, but they also provide one of the most fun outdoor activities for adults. As parents out there will know, shooting these guns in the house is pretty dangerous, but take things outside and everything changes. Make sure that everyone has a gun and some soft bullets, then scramble, hide and shoot to your heart’s delight. 

Get The Frisbee Out 

Playing frisbee is certainly not an indoor game, at least not unless you want those vases smashed, making it the ideal game for the outdoors. The beauty of playing frisbee is in its simplicity, a frisbee can be bought without much outlay at all, and you really don’t need a huge amount of skill to play. As you get better, move further away from each other to see how far you can throw, and who has the best catching skills. Give everyone 3 lives and for each drop, they lose one until you have a winner.

Check Your Accuracy With Quoits 

Another beautifully simple game to play is quoits, throwing rings onto wooden posts. Give each player a set amount of throws, set the distance and see who has the best aim. To make things harder, use smaller rings or set the wooden post further away for a trickier toss. 

Keep It Up Tennis 

With an outdoor tennis set you will get a small ball and two wooden or plastic rackets, and the aim is to keep the ball up for as long as possible. If there are more than two people the game gets even tougher, as you try and pass the ball to another player, from all kinds of crazy angles. 

These are just some of the fun outdoor games you could be playing this summer.