For too many years I have left it late to get in shape for summer and I have decided this year that I will not be doing the same again. There are few worse feelings than standing on a beach, surrounded by glistening, fine-tuned bodies whilst you stand amongst them with your curves and those unsightly thighs, this will not be happening to me this year and I am here to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you either. This year we will be the ones with our well-toned bodies on the beach, I have suffered for too long and here is how I plan to do it.

Cosmetic Treatment

I have decided to give my healthy regime a kick start by having some laser liposuction done in order to get rid of the unsightly fat around my thighs. Many see this as a cheaters way of getting in shape but I think that if it helps me to get the shape that I wanted then I have no problems at all. I used a brilliant local clinic called Sono Bello for my liposuction and I loved that it was done via laser because it meant no incision at all. If you like the idea of this then check out the Sono Bello reviews to find out more. If you want to get your diet underway then why not opt for a little bit of help.

Gym Buddy

I am notorious for putting off the gym in favor of, well, doing anything else but going to the gym. In order to prevent me from doing that this year I have decided to work out with a friend of mine in order to get our bodies in shape for the summer. We have a set of ground rules which we must stick to and in all honesty I am feeling really good about the arrangement. Having someone with you in the gym always pushes you that bit further and when it comes to wanting to change your gym plans, I know that we will be less likely to do this because we will not just be letting ourselves down, we will be letting the other person down too.

Starting Slowly

Fad or crash diets have never really worked for me and whenever I quickly switch my diet to one that is completely healthy, I seem to never stick at it. This year I am adopting a new approach because I have the time to do so ahead of the summer. This year I am going to start off slowly and gradually remove the bad things from my diet. Each week I will stop another sin and replace it with something healthy. By my reckoning I will be in full diet mode in around 4 weeks which will help me to adapt better to the diet and ensure that I still have enough time before summer to look great.