The financial landscape in the UK is awash with innovative methods of financial management through a Fintechs. New apps are emerging to smooth transactions, handle payments, and make estimates based on a person’s spending habits and even help make saving easier.

What is Fintech?

A coined word emerging from two words; financial and technology, Fintech simply refers a group of companies in the finance industry making use of technology to make life easier.  Fintech has created accessibility and visibility to companies in the financial industry. By the same token, Fintech characterises fast internet bandwidth, significantly improved software designs; both serving to provide live access to financial information like never before.

Fintech Apps in the UK

Financially stressed folks in the UK can find organisation and better financial management with the newest challenger apps out there. Depending on the need or purpose you can find a Fintech app that would solve certain issues with finances. Some of them include:

  • B

If you are in need of an overdraft, there are apps that would do that and seamlessly record your activities. Whether you are interested on planned or unplanned borrowing, it is best to plan for that eventuality in order to be ready and to have repayment please.

  • LearnVest

LearnVest is both a website and an app. It shares similarities with Mint and is very comprehensive. It offers to put you in touch with a real life financial advisor, making it well worth the pricey amount it asks for. LearnVest is not available on android, but can be downloaded from the apple store on simply used on its website.

  • Stash Invest

The stash invest fintech app is only on iPhone and as its name suggests, Stash Invest specialises in assisting mobile users with their investing options. It is a very useful app for beginners to investing. This app is not free, but very affordable.

Banking and handling other finance matters gets easier and easier with technology. Fintech apps have come to stay and are relied on for their very useful characteristics.