Approximately 75% of American women will experience at least one vaginal infection at a stage in life. Regrettably, if you’re vulnerable to these, the hot summer months will aggravate your symptoms. To stay healthy and avoid the impacts of heat, your vagina requires special care.

You should review your personal care schedule, particularly in regards to your genitals. Some seemingly innocuous hygiene practices may be placing your vagina at risk.

Here are seven helpful hints to keep your vaginal health.

1. Prioritize Whole Body Health

Exercise, eat right, and control your weight. All this is good for your body in general, but it’s also helpful to our sexual organs.

Chronic conditions put women at risk. A good example is that poorly controlled diabetes increases a woman’s chance of contracting yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

2. Go for Regular Screenings

Stay updated with female health screenings and visit your gynecologist for routine care. Pap smear screening intervals are based on your age and the Pap smear findings.

Young ladies are highly advised to take the HPV vaccination since it helps minimize cervical cancer risk.

3. Practice Safe Sex

If you’re sexually active, protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. To do this, insist on using condoms with any new sexual partner.

4. Just Use Water

The vagina is a self-cleansing organ. Using prepackaged wipes, harsh chemicals, or douching affects its usual process.

If you must use any other product apart from water on your vagina, use a gentle soap for the external genitalia.

Be cautious when using products in the market meant to help ladies feel and smell clean since scientists do not back them. Using them would lead to other severe problems in the future.

Look out for the shampoos and soaps used in the shower for people with sensitive skins.

5. Wear Cotton Underwear

Some ladies are sensitive to synthetic fibers, which irritate. Cotton is commended for underwear as it is a neutral product that doesn’t hold wetness. It also has drying and wicking qualities.

Cotton innerwear helps maintain the recommended vaginal Ph.

6. Shower and Change After Swimming or Exercising

The vulva has two sweat glands. This explains why ladies naturally sweat after working out.

This is normal, but the issue is that moist and warm are perfect areas for breeding bacteria. This leaves you at risk of contracting yeast infections and your vagina emitting an odor.

You can do away with these possibilities by taking a shower and changing your innerwear after swimming and working out.

7. Don’t Overstay in Your Pad

Don’t forget to change your tampon. It would be best if you actually did it regularly. The general preferred rule is to change it every four to eight hours.

It’s ok to sleep in your pad but be sure to change to a fresh one after waking up and showering.

Keep Your Vaginal Health

It doesn’t take much time to give your body the best chance of survival. When you need a boost, there is a variety of services to assist you in looking and feeling your best.

Following the above simple steps can be the best way to start your journey toward the best vaginal health possible.

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