The night is one of the elements that draw the most attention to all those people who dare to know Bucharest in all of its areas. When you are in the country, you can see the best sites by taking tours in Bucharest. Some are short tours and others last for days.

The capital of Romania offers very interesting alternatives for those who want to complete a day out partying through its streets. You can find the party atmosphere at any day of the week, although, as it happens in any other city, more people and more offer of leisure is there on the weekends.

Something that creates more entertainment options in Romania than in other westerner counterparts of the EU is undoubtedly its fairly low cost. This county is on average 30% more affordable then its European counterparts and this information will be of great use once you start calling for a fifth round at the bar. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what made Bucharest a party sensation and what are some of the best spots to enjoy nightlife under Romanian sky.

Affordable yet Top-Notch

Tens of thousands of party eager bachelor groups book their impressive Bucharest stag do weekends every month in hope of finding the best entertainment options that the “Old Continent” may offer. Many students of the European Erasmus program choose this city to complete their careers for, among other things, the possibility of having fun at night.

It is true that young people will not be disappointed if they dare to know the Romanian nightclubs, since, during the school period, they are stacked and have a very affordable price range. However, these type of parties falls a lot in summer, especially in August, when international students are no longer there and many Romanians take advantage to take a few days off.

The entrances to the clubs and the drinks, in general, is very cheap, but you have to be careful because it is not unusual for there to be a scam with tourists for the price of things. As in any other large European city, the recommendation is to be cautious, do not make economic ostentation and do not go into areas outside the tourist routes that are repeated in Bucharest.

One of the best-known nightclubs in the Romanian capital is “Fire Club” (Strada Gabroveni, 12), which is very close to the Piata Unirii. Although in this area there are dozens of music venues for almost all tastes and every weekend it is full vibrating musical vibes. People are simply full of desire to have fun and local residents are more than happy to show you around all the famous sites. On the streets of Strada Gabroveni, Strada Lipscani or Strada Selari you can find a lot of night movement at any given day of the week. Although if you are looking for a safe bet recommended by the locals and not leave until early hours of the next day then you can never go wrong with “Bar Fly” (Ferdinand, 13) or in the “Salsa” (Strada Luterana, 9-11).

Alternatives to the Bustling Scene

For those who need something a little quieter, they can go to the “Coyote Café “, a very fashionable option where you can enjoy live music. Located on Victoriei Street, it is a large place with tables and dance area where you can listen to live rock music alternated with the discs that a DJ plays mixed more modern songs.  

Other interesting bars that are in the center are those of “Gara Lipscani” (Strada Lipscani, 38), “Jazz Café” (Stefan cel. Mare, 6) and “White Horse” (George Calinescu, 4A). All those who visit Bucharest in summer and want to go out at night can enjoy a good time in one of the many outdoor discos that become very fashionable when the temperature rises. Although there are scattered throughout the city, you can never go wrong with a place called “Blue Margarita” located at (Strada Mihai Eminescu, 188)

Restaurants, concerts, theater, cinema or exhibitions complete the possibilities of nightlife in Bucharest. Normally, the prices are quite cheap, so you can enjoy the night without looking too much in your pocket; an example is that you can find tickets for the opera for about five euros. Bucharest is also a regular destination for international figures, although, in these cases, the tickets for their concerts or shows are closer to those that can be found in any other European capitals.

There are several free guides in which all the leisure information is available online but the very useful information is that the local population is very fluent in English (especially the younger population) and they are more than willing to help people coming from far away to their beloved city. Whether it’s a good clubbing session or a quiet drink listening to live music, Bucharest offers the perfect night for all of its visitors.

In Conclusion:

Bucharest with its more than fair prices and top-notch nightlife representation is a leading European capital in terms of nightlife entertainment. It would be wise to visit Bucharest as soon as possible before it gets overrun by the hordes of tourists that are expected to arrive from all around the world in hope of tasting some of that famous Balkan party euphoria.


Another thing that will come as a great addition to your overall experience is the proximity of the best Romanian seaside resort (Constanta) that is just a few hours away from the capital where you can enjoy the quality time under the sun at the coast of the Black Sea.