American College of Acupuncture

American College of Acupuncture is one of the world’s most forward thinking and decorated colleges which specializes in acupuncture and oriental medicine. The university is based in Houston and offers a wide range of courses on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, oriental medicine as well as techniques which encompass these teachings. This college has been awarded number 1 position in the top acupuncture schools in the country and they have partnerships with some schools in China and across Asia. So what are the benefit of studying at a college such as this one? Let’s have a look.

Best Teachers

Part of the reason as to why this school is so accredited is down to the high quality teaching faculty which they have. In all topics they have some of the most knowledgeable teachers, many of whom have actually studied in Asia ahead of teaching here. For any student knowing that there are high quality teachers is great news and it will ensure that students can have the best opportunity to pass the course.


Many students who have studied at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have gone on to do very well for themselves by launching their very own clinics and businesses. The skills which you will learn here can then be used in creating your own Oriental medicine store, your very own clinic or even a freelance position where you can travel around and offer treatments to people. Here at the college you won’t only be learning the ancient techniques and practices, but also how to implement it and how to launch a business using the skills which you have learned.

In-House Clinic

There is a fully functioning clinic inside the university campus where students will have the perfect chance to practice the skills which they have learned. Members of the public use this clinic because it is low cost, and in return they are able to give a student the chance to put into practice what they have been learning throughout their time at the college. This is a unique opportunity to get some hands-on experience rather than simply learning theory and it is yet another aspect of the college which sets it apart from the rest.

Health Care

Even those who wish to go into a health care career within modern medicine can benefit greatly from the course on display here at the academy. for example there are 2 Masters courses and 2 Doctorate courses which cover far more than just traditional medicine. These course deal with administrative roles, management and patient care, which can help to prepare you for a life in health care.


Finally you can do a lot of good for your family and your friends when you amass the kind of knowledge which they are teaching at the college. I can tell you from experience that when people find out what you know, they cannot wait for you to show them all about it.