Over 50% of all adults claim to be stressed out to some degree. With everything going on in the world today, it’s easy to see why. Getting a little relief from the hustle and bustle begins at home with garden relaxing.

Bringing a bit of zen to your yard will give you a personal oasis that you can retreat to at the end of a tough day. It creates a place where you can sit and reflect.

Some like to rake gravel into relaxing waves or sit in a hot tub. Nothing says calm quite like plants and moss, as well.

These are only a few ideas that you can incorporate into your tranquil gardens. Check out this guide to learn more.

Keep the Zen to Yourself

Part of what makes yard relaxation so stress-free is the seclusion. For a few hours every day, you get to block yourself out from the outside world, or at least you should.

You don’t want your neighbors peeking in to watch you. That’s more unnerving than calming.¬†Build walls to keep prying eyes away.

On top of giving you a sense of seclusion, walls are a good theft deterrent. They can also keep your children and pets in the yard.

Create a Small Relaxation Zone

Most zen gardens are small enclosed spaces. That means you don’t have to deck your entire yard out in gravel and bamboo. You’re going to choose a single corner.

Most people pick a side section and build a path leading to it. You can construct a small bridge or stepping stone path. You can even use gravel for this purpose.

Add Gravel or Sand

Whenever you see tranquil gardens in movies, it always includes sand or gravel. Running a rake through it to create calming waves is a fun leisure activity that keeps stress at bay.

You can add a bit of texture to your little personal sandbox by placing large rocks or statues around it.

Build a World of Wonder

When you’re building the path to your zen garden, it’s important to create a world of wonder. Instead of making a straight bridge to your own personal oasis, allow for more visual interest.

Building a winding path creates a sense of exploration and adventure. You’ll feel curious and creative every time you walk down it, even though you know all the visuals your yard has to offer.

Keep Your Color Scheme Simple

When it comes to your color scheme, you should keep things as simple as possible. Bright colors will distract from the tranquility of your garden.

Choose cool-toned plants. The wall you build around your oasis should be a neutral color, as well.

Build Your Gazebo

Many people build a gazebo or patio to be the heart of their relaxation garden. The one you use depends on your budget and how much space you have.

Gazebos often take up a lot of room and can be a bit expensive to install. If you still want to have one, you might be able to drive the price down by opting for a smaller one made with cheaper materials.

Add Plants and Moss

It’s not an outdoor oasis without plants. If you want to stick to an Asian zen theme, green is the way to go. Evergreen plants like the Creeping Pine and Novel Fir will suit your needs.

Many people also choose the Japanese maple. It’s not green, but it will help you stick to the same theme. The color-changing foliage will create some visual interest.

To help promote a sense of healing, plant herbs and flowers that have soothing properties. Lavender and fennel are a few amazing-smelling options.

Moss is another traditional addition to zen gardens. It can grow in bad soil conditions, whereas many flowers and plants can’t. So, if the Japanese maple won’t grow, you should at least be able to have moss.

If you really want to go all out, build a bamboo water feature. It’s cheap and you can complete the installation within a single weekend.

Set the Mood With the Right Lighting

Before you begin any real Zen Garden planning, you should decide what you want to do for lighting. You’ll need to install it first because it has a big job.

Your lighting will illuminate pathways, steps, and ponds to prevent any accidents. It’s hard to relax with a twisted ankle, after all.

Once you have your path lighting out of the way, you can add accents to your table and seating area. Fairy lights are a great option for this.

Fun Add-Ons

If you want to be able to enjoy your relaxing garden during the fall and winter, you’re going to need a fire pit to help keep you warm. You can’t do any outdoor cooking without a grill.

Some make their yard into their own personal spa with inflatable hot tubs. You can buy one that will fit the entire family for a few hundred bucks.

Tranquil gardens are the perfect place to practice meditation and yoga. Don’t be afraid to dedicate a small section to it.

It’s Garden Relaxing Time

Garden relaxing is just what the doctor ordered at the end of a tough work week. It’s the perfect way to seclude yourself from the outside world and get away from it all.

You can create a traditional zen garden experience, turn your yard into a meditation center, or wind down in a hot tub. The possibilities are endless.

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