Whether you are a beginner, semi-skilled, or experienced DIYer, there are certain tools that everyone should have in their workshop or garage.

From small jobs to large jobs, we’ve all had those moments where we didn’t quite have what we needed on hand to finish the project.

With this list of the absolute must-have tools for your garage, you’ll 100% be prepared for anything that comes your way! Let us help, read on for a list of must-have tools to have in your garage!

1. Complete Screwdriver Set

You’re going to need a great set of screwdrivers, no doubt. Whether you’re assembling or disassembling something!

If you invest in a high-quality set that has most of the common sizes, which includes flathead and Phillips shaped heads, you won’t look back!

You also get electric, handheld screwdrivers that come with detachable heads, this is a good option only if you have a toolbox handy to store all the small pieces! Shop here for great storage options.

2. A Wrench Set

The infamous wrench!

You’re going to need a number of different sized wrenches in your DIY adventures, they’re used on tightening and loosening bolts and hex nuts. These are usually abundant in your home repair and assembly projects!

A complete set of wrenches with the most common sizes will get you well on your way to DIY success. Want something a bit less tiring to use?

Look into a ratchet and socket set which can assist in quickening bolt manipulation. Also, ratchet straps is a must thing to have in your garage. This tool can help you hold down your equipment during a move or transport.

3. Measuring Tape and Level

You may feel like maybe you don’t need these two must-have tools, but you do!

Putting up a new set of shelves for book storage? You’re going to need to measure out your space first, that’s where your measuring tape comes in.

Once the bolts and brackets are in place, you’re going to want to make sure that your books won’t slide off the end, this is where your level will come in, to ensure that your shelf is perfectly parallel!

4. Utility Knife

This is one of those must-have tools that is handy just to have on your tool belt at all times!

Can’t open that box? No problem! Use your utility knife!

Can’t cut that tape? No problem! Use your utility knife!

Can’t get through a think piece of cardboard! No problem! Use your utility knife!

You can even use it to scrape away extra glue or resin that’s left behind on projects, or even paint that is keeping a window from opening easily!

5. Cordless Drill and Drill Bits

The key to these two must-have tools is the word: cordless!

No matter where your DIY projects of choice are, a cordless drill is going to help you to get the job done! You won’t have to hassle with cables and extensions to get to the places that you need to operate in!

The best way to make this tool work its best for you is to get the complementary set of drill bits that go with your cordless drill of choice!

Must-Have Tools for the Avid DIYer

Now you have the start of a great list of must-have tools to have in your garage! But alas, as an avid DIYer and handyman extraordinaire, your list will never quite be complete.

Remember, as you shop, to curb your spending as much as possible. The best way to do this is to keep an updated inventory of everything that you have in your workshop or garage. This way, when you’re at the local hardware store, you won’t be tempted to buy a duplicate of a tool you may already have!

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