Pests come in many different forms, from an army of ants to curious rats. Your home shouldn’t be their haven. If you’re concerned about pests in and around your home, employ a few tips and tricks offered by the professionals. Try these top 6 tips for keeping the home pest free all year-round.

1. Block Pathways Into the Home

Start out with a strong defense maneuver. Block pathways into the home. Pests will always look for easy targets. If your home is too difficult to infiltrate, they’ll move to another location.

Trim back tree branches and overgrown bushes. Pests use branches to move into the upper portions of the home. Patch or fill holes along the home’s walls and foundation. You may need to make a yearly inspection of the home in order to find all of these pathways. They can differ throughout the year as a home’s materials decline or plants grow.

2. Clean up the Yard

Pests require a safe shelter from predators and weather conditions. Homes with wood piles in the yard are prime targets for pests. Clear these areas up. If you must have a pile for firewood, locate it away from the home’s exterior walls.

Landscape around the foundation so that mulch or soil isn’t sitting idle. Termites and other pests can develop homes in these areas. By being diligent about cleanliness in the yard, pests won’t have anywhere to hide and reproduce.

3. Be Crumb Free

Crumbs of any size can attract pests. Be sure to clean up the kitchen after daily meals. Wipe down the counters and verify that pantries have sealed goods. Dropped food on the floor should also be swept away.

Maintaining a clean kitchen can deter pests, but you should also consider other items in the immediate area. Pet food left out for the entire day can bring pests into the home. Think about feeding your pets and removing the food afterward. Their food should be fresh every time anyway.

4. Cover the Garbage

Pests appreciate opportunity in their world. Garbage cans left open outside of a property will attract pests of every size. Be sure to secure the lids on the cans each day. Larger pests, including raccoons, might try to dislodge the lids. Ants cannot access sealed lids. Keep all of the possible pests in mind as you add the lids to the cans. You may even try lids with locking mechanisms if pest issues persist.

5. Remove Water Resources

Pests need water just as much as humans. Look around your property for any water sources that could be used by pests. They don’t have to be large pools of water either. A water hose lying on the ground can hold residual moisture, which can draw in the smallest pests. Store the hose away and clean up other standing water. This practice fights off one of the worst pests in a yard: the mosquito. Standing water becomes a haven for mosquito larvae that can pester an entire household during the warmer seasons.

6. Seek Professional Help

Purchasing your own supplies to fight off pests may not be the best course of action. DIY treatments don’t always work. In fact, the pest problem might worsen afterward. Residents end up spending a lot of money with few results.

Turn to Turner Pest Control Company as a professional alternative. They can eradicate pests from nearly any household. Safe yet effective strategies are the keys to pest-free conditions.

With regular inspections by the experts, pests will no longer be a topic of conversation in your household. Take control of your property with a call to Turner Pest Control Company today.