Are trees a hazard or an indispensable garden feature?

When planning your backyard, trees should be a key element of your design. With proper care and maintenance, they provide many advantages to your home and environment.

Optimizing the space of your garden is an important consideration for everyone, no matter the size of your backyard. It should be a beautiful part of your property that caters exactly to your needs.

So why plant trees? Keep reading to find out.

1. Shade and Privacy

There are several practical benefits of planting trees that are important to consider. Firstly, evergreen trees in particular are a great source of shade for your garden.

Redbuds and chaste trees are just two examples of beautiful trees that provide a lot of shade in hotter months. Thanks to these, you won’t need an umbrella or pergola.

What’s more, trees can offer privacy from neighbors and potential onlookers. They are a great natural barrier to prevent people from snooping on your property.

2. Aesthetic Benefits

Another reason why you should plant trees is simply that they are beautiful plants. Why wouldn’t you want a gorgeous oak or dogwood in your yard?

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3. Increase Your Home’s Value

Did you know, thanks to curb appeal, adding trees to your front yard can increase the value of your property? A perfectly chosen magnolia or willow will make your home look elegant and inviting, and thus will be worth more.

Also, because trees can live for hundreds of years, by planting them you are effectively investing in your property, as future occupants will also be able to enjoy the plants you add to your garden.

4. Enjoy the Produce

Why not choose a fruit-bearing tree for an additional reason to have trees in your yard? Depending on your area, you could enjoy delicious apples, pears, peaches, cherries, and much more all from your backyard.

Watching the flowers blossom and the fruit grow over time is a wonderful activity for the family to enjoy. Then, the best part is picking and eating what has grown in your own garden!

5. Environmental Benefits

There are many benefits of trees growing in your yard, and a significant one is their impact on the environment. As well as removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, there are further advantages to our ecosystem.

For example, planting trees improves water quality, provides a habitat for wildlife, and can even prevent flooding.

You should choose a tree that is native to your area to help the ecosystem flourish and because these species are most likely to prosper.

So Why Plant Trees in Your Backyard?

Despite all the benefits listed above, remember that trees and shrubs in your garden are a responsibility and need to be cared for. Make sure you have everything you need and read the grooming articles. Visit the Backyard Style website. They have a lot of useful information, in particular, a list of the most reliable hedge trimmers on the market:

What is your motivation when answering the question: why plant trees? 

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