The water that comes out of your tap is clear which can lead you to believe it is pure and safe to drink. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. 

Your body is 60% water, it’s essential for the supply of nutrients to your cells and the removal of toxins.  That’s why you must put high-quality water into your body, it’s directly relevant to what you get out of it. 

Once you realize the impurities that can exist in your tap water you’ll appreciate the importance of using Clean and Clear under-sink water filters Sydney. The filters are designed to remove impurities and give you the high-quality water your body needs and deserves.

Chlorine & Fluoride

These two chemicals are actually added at the water treatment plant. Chlorine is added to kill any bacteria in the water. In contrast, fluoride is known to boost teeth and bone strength. 

Unfortunately, chlorine can be harmful to your health. While many of the effects are linked to chlorine in its gaseous form, if you are sensitive to chlorine you could experience respiratory difficulties as well as skin and eye irritation.

Fluoride, although beneficial for bones and teeth, has been linked with an increased risk of cancer. It also reduces mental development in children. 

Heavy Metal

Your body needs some metals to function. However, water contains magnesium, zinc, arsenic, lead, iron, and cadmium. The metals arrive in the water as it passes through old pipes. Unfortunately, your body is unable to expel some heavy metals. This leads to a build-up over time which can be detrimental to your health.

Lead is a particular issue as it causes lead poisoning and development issues in children. Of course, arsenic is also an issue as it is a poison. 

These metals generally take a long time to do damage to your body. But, once they are absorbed they are usually there to stay.

Industrial Contaminants

If you’ve ever seen waste pumping out of a factory or wondered what your local farming is spraying on his field then consider this. All those chemicals can end up in your water supply. 

Pesticides are designed to kill bugs, fertilizers encourage growth, both can be concerning inside your body. You may not even realize the effect they are having on you. Equally, oil, solvents, fuel, and even drugs can all infiltrate the water supply and cause damage to your internal organs and cells.

It’s impossible to know how much of any of these contaminants are in your tap water unless you test the water. Of course, as contaminants can appear at any time, you’d have to test daily to be sure that it’s safe to drink.

Eliminating Impurities

It’s worrying finding out that all these impurities can exist in your water. Fortunately investing in a water filter can alleviate the concern. Clean and Clear provide affordable under-sink water filters or whole house systems that will remove these impurities. 

In short, you’ll be able to give your body pure water, it’s healthier and tastes better.