As cosmetic treatments are growing in number and popularity, it becomes more difficult to find a worthwhile aesthetic clinic in Singapore. There are decent establishments and some dubious places, and choosing the right one is the difference between good looks and eyesores.

A bad cosmetic procedure rarely goes unnoticed since its tell-tale effects are on display all over the body. It’s hard to ignore the obvious. We need to be aware of the mechanisms that can help us stay away from the botched beauty centres, so we get to take pleasure in the truly amazing ones. Let’s take a look at the things that separate the best clinicians from the rest.

Approach to Treatment

How the best aesthetic clinics do it

Experienced professionals like those working at Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore are aware every patient will respond differently to a certain treatment and are reluctant to promise brilliant results. They also know that although someone came in for a specific procedure, they may actually benefit more from another. And they are never afraid to point that out.

When it comes to application, the majority prefer to go slow and small to overdoing it. For instance, if they have to inject Botox, they will often use minute doses in the right places and ask the patient to come back later for a refill if such is needed. This stops them from doing a poor job, which in this case is a frozen face.

How the rest do it

Some clinicians tend to be easy on the promises when it comes to cosmetic procedures. They claim the results will be perfect and instant, whether or not the treatment is suitable for you. Not to mention, they are often unwilling to offer a more effective alternative if they know of such. Instead of putting clients on the path of realism, these “specialists” help to grow their expectations. In most cases, this leads to regret and disappointment.

During the treatment, they can get carried away and provide more nip and tuck than is needed. This is why the outcome is at times frustrating.


Even if a doctor is utterly skilled, they won’t have much success unless they use the right gear and products.

How the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore do it

They make sure to keep their equipment up to date and apply the strictest of standards when it comes to keeping the tools clean and hygienic. They have everything that the procedures offered at the clinic entail, from anaesthetic creams and bandages to cutting-edge apparatuses, you name it.

How the rogue ones do it

As a whole, they use products of dubious quality. They don’t have sufficient tools and some of the existing devices are old. The creams, fillers, liquids, and instruments are out of date, increasing the risk of damage.


The initial visit is the time that you get to know your doctor and learn more about your cosmetic or surgical options. And it had better go well.

How the best technicians do it

  • They will discuss every single bit of the procedure – its side effects, the final result, the level of discomfort, etc.; they will be honest with you and mention any contraindications for undergoing the manipulation
  • They will answer all your questions; in fact, they will encourage you to ask as many questions as spring up to your mind
  • They will give you time to think about it
  • They will make you feel comfortable
  • They will be patient with you and try to understand you
  • They will address your doubts and fears

How the rest do it

  • They don’t devote as much time to the consultation as they should
  • They try to push you to do the procedure right away
  • They leave you with a negative impression
  • They don’t tell you everything

Previous Work

How the best aesthetic clinics do it

As Dr Edwin Lim reminds us, by law in Singapore doctors are not permitted to disclose before and after pictures online. Yet, they will eagerly show you some at the office as long as you take the time to visit. What is more, they will let you scrutinise those and they will also address any concerns with patience.

How the rest do it

If they have any photos of previous patients, they will only display the best outcomes.

Tip: Do not sign up for a procedure unless you have seen what individual results look like. It will reveal the specialist’s level of competence.

If you want to be extra cautious, it is best to check those clients who have similar features to yours. Go ahead and inspect how the treatment went for them. Do you like what you see? Do you think it could have come out better? Is there something that baffles you?

Also, keep in mind that your experience and outcome will not necessarily mirror those of other people. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the results are shockingly individual. You may not achieve the same effects as what you see in the photos and that is a prerequisite for disappointment. Keeping your expectations low will help with this problem. Vocalising your goals and desires will give the practitioner an overall idea of what you are aiming for.


We have to admit the choice of aesthetic clinics in Singapore is overwhelming. This puts customers in a favourable position and they erroneously think going for the lowest price will get them results.

You’ve heard the saying that cheaper is more expensive, right? It applies in full to cosmetic treatments. If yours goes wrong, this could not only compromise your appearance but also jeopardise your health. In either case, you will have to repeat the procedure to fix the atrocious effects.

How the best aesthetic clinics do it

As unfair as it seems, you are not likely to witness reputable establishments cutting their prices in half or offering discounts. This is offensive to their skills and attainments. If they have decades of experience, heaps of know-how, and some of the most top-notch equipment under one roof, they won’t downplay it.

A certified specialist who spent years upping their game will be nothing but reluctant to use shady materials. And quality devices come at a price.

If you want premium, you pay more for it. And then you rest assured your procedure will go smoothly and the results will be natural.

How the rest do it

These often flood the Internet space with discounts and special offers. They resort to inferior products because of the price tag, putting patients at risk for infections and unsightly results. When administering a substance, they either use it sparingly to save on product or go overboard with it due to lack of knowledge and practice.

The reputation of the Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

The reputation of a clinic is its most treasured asset, which is why they all go above and beyond to please customers and make a name for themselves.

How the best aesthetic clinics do it

You hear great things about them through word-of-mouth. Friends of friends recommend them. The girl next door knows of someone who once had a procedure with them and was fascinated with the service. Not only that, but you can read oodles of positive reviews online. Once you walk into the clinic yourself, you begin to realise all this is true. From the way they greet you to how they show you around and make you feel at home. Everything goes smoothly and without a hitch.

How the rogue ones do it

You don’t find good reviews online or there is hardly any info about them. If you are lucky enough, you will come across real narratives of unhappy patients who spent hundreds of dollars to fix the initial results. On the off chance that you hear about a positive outcome, keep in mind it can as well be a made-up story.


You would think that the building doesn’t matter, but you are wrong. You can tell a lot about a clinic by the way the premises look.

How the best aesthetic clinics do it

The halls, offices, nooks and crannies are in pristine condition. It is all neat and tidy, with a bit of a luxurious touch. Every single detail flows well with the design and belongings. Plus, the seats are comfy and it feels good to be there. It is evident that they have put a lot of effort and thought into making the establishment nice and cosy. They are proud to show you around and for a good reason – it doesn’t have the cold and uninviting atmosphere of a hospital.

How the rogue ones do it

The “clinic” is housed in what looks like a garage or someone’s flat. There is not much space, the walls and floors are unhygienic. The atmosphere is sucked out of life. Everything from the halls to the staff looks suspicious and unappealing.

Hopefully, thanks to this post you can now differentiate between a good and a bad aesthetic clinic the moment you see it so you can make your skin glow without the risks.