The sun tends to put people in a good mood, leaving them with a nice bronzy tone and refreshed feeling. The reality, however, is that heat – and the sun’s UV rays – can irritate, dry and damage your skin. This can make the transition from summer to fall a little tough on your complexion.

If you want to look as refreshed as you feel this fall, it’s important to be aware of how your skin changes between these two seasons. Prepare and protect yourself by getting educated the types of skin care products that can help you maintain your complexion at this weird time of year.

Here are some tips as to how you can get your skin ready for leather jacket weather and prevent your skin from looking weathered during this transitionary period:

Stay Hydrated with Serum

The reality is that changes in temperature are never easy on your skin – especially when you’re transitioning from a warmer season into a cooler season. This change can dehydrate your skin – which means if you want to show your true glow this fall, it’s a good idea to invest in a hydrating serum like Erno Laszlo’s Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion Serum.

New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told Allure that “as we shift from summer to fall, temperature and humidity will drop quickly so the skin will have to work harder to maintain adequate hydration as cold weather and wind kick in.” The colder it gets outside the drier your skin will become, and the more you will need to lock in that moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

Stick to Products for Sensitive Skin

Even if you don’t have particularity sensitive skin, when the temperature declines, your skin is more sensitive than it would usually be. This means that you may want to opt for less aggressive treatments and stick to products like gentle cleansers and moisturizers that will be a bit more sensitive on your complexion.

Keep Applying Sunscreen

When summer ends, people are less conscious about wearing sunscreen — the thing is though, the sun is still out on crisp fall days. You can still get burnt at this time, so it’s important to protect your skin from strong UV rays.

Correct Sun Spots

Sun spots are common among those who soak up a lot of sun during the summer, but fortunately there are products to correct spots like freckles and hyperpigmentation. If the sun has left you with some visible signs that you were a beach bum this summer, consider products with ingredients like retinoids to repair and renew your skin.

Clean Out Your Pores

It should come as little surprise that the sun’s heat speeds up oil production, which can clog your pores with sweat and other environmental bacteria. To clean out your pores, treat yourself to some face masks.

Invest in a Humidifier

This transitional time locks in dry heat inside while the outdoors gets cooler. To prevent your skin from getting even more dry and irritated, consider investing in a humidifier. This will keep moisture in your home to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated – because no one likes dealing with dry, uncomfortable skin.