There are recipes from centuries ago which if followed precisely are still delicious today, but many of today’s restaurants look nothing like the ones from even a decade ago. That’s because in this time, new technology has emerged that was specifically designed to help restaurants operate — employee scheduling software.

Read on to learn about what employee scheduling software can do for your kitchen.

Perfect Schedules Easily, Quickly

People work long and hard hours in the restaurant kitchen, and it helps to have technology which sorts out scheduling. Employee scheduling software’s primary function is create schedules everyone loves in less time than it would otherwise takes, and it does: employee schedule software creates schedules up to 80% faster.

Not only are the schedules better, but employees and managers can create schedules with minimum effort: now, staff can submit their work availability and request days off remotely via the app. Managers can approve such requests remotely.

Managers know what affects restaurant turnover can have on their business, and that’s why they’re eager for technology that lets their staff focus on bringing customers great service and delicious food, instead of wasting time and energy on mundane, secondary tasks.

Manager Log Books

Sun Tzu’s famous Art of War praises the role of spies, because “upon them depends an army’s ability to move.” Spies inform the generals about what’s really going on. In today’s modern restaurants, it is employee scheduling software that provides managers and executives with the intelligence they need to run their kitchen and business effectively.

Manager log books let you keep tabs on your restaurant by tracking stats like daily sales, daily labor, and whatever other custom stats matter for your restaurant. It’s presented in such a way that’s easy to compare against past data.

Because the software is cloud-based, the manager log books are accessible from anywhere in the world. They also can’t be misplaced, and the stats get updated in real time. Plus, it takes no effort to keep other managers in the loop, since they’ll get a push notification as soon as an entry in the manager log book has been completed.

Staff Feedback

We live in a world of big data, and businesses are right to want statistics that underline how their operation is running. However, first-hand descriptions from your frontline staff are the best way to know about intangible elements of your business that sometimes eludes hard numbers. Employee scheduling software delivers both kinds of information.

In addition to all the stats it provides, after each shift every staff receives a prompt encouraging them to rate the shift and describe how they think it went. Managers can be anywhere in the world, and still closely follow the eyes and ears of their employees.

Running a modern restaurant still requires serving delicious food and showing guests a wonderful night out on the town. But behind the scenes, many North American restaurants are turning to modern solutions like employee scheduling software to help them get an edge against rivals.