If you feel worried that you’re single, don’t; almost half of U.S. adults are in the same boat. And like you, many are ready to mingle.

However, to attract Ms. Right, you must also know what desirable qualities most women want. The more of these you possess, the better your chances of finding your person.

So, what are these must-have characteristics women typically look for in Mr. Right? We’ve rounded up the top ones below, so read on

1. Honest and Trustworthy

Getting cheated on can be a traumatic experience that may lead to mental illness. Indeed, about 30% to 60% of betrayed people experience signs of PTSD, depression, or anxiety. These figures apply to both men and women.

However, some women may be more susceptible to the effects of infidelity. One possible reason is that, historically, men were more likely to cheat

That makes honesty and trustworthiness among the most desirable traits women want. They desire someone who’ll remain faithful to them, no matter the years to come. They also want reassurance that their partners are who they say they are. 

2. A Sense of Humor

Laughter is one of, if not the best, medicine, as it can help reduce stress, ease anxiety, and boost self-esteem. That may help explain why women tend to gear toward a partner who can make them laugh. Men, in turn, gravitate toward a potential partner who appreciates humor.

So if you want to become irresistible to women, loosen up and show off your funny bone. 

3. Emotionally Available

Emotional availability is the ability to establish, maintain, and strengthen emotional bonds. It includes displaying empathy, providing emotional encouragement and support, and demonstrating genuine affection. Emotionally available people are also intimate and can open up about their feelings.

4. Financially Responsible

Nowadays, more women no longer expect men to pay for dates, but that doesn’t mean they want to keep picking up the tab. Even if you’re honest and funny, you’re unlikely to get a second date if you don’t know how to manage your money.

Indeed, a recent study found that, for 31% of women, irresponsible spending is a top turn-off.

One reason is that financial irresponsibility often leads to a mountain of debt. Drowning in debt, in turn, is a top stressor and can suck the happiness out of one’s life. It also signals a bleak future full of financial insecurities.

5. Intimate

A non-existent sex life (e.g., lack of intimacy or sex) is one of the most common reasons partners split.

That’s also why many women want an intimate partner, even at the earlier stages of dating. After all, it’s a strong indicator of chemistry and passion.

However, having erectile dysfunction (ED) or low self-esteem can make men shy away from sex. The latter can arise from poor body image (e.g., a lack of confidence in one’s penis size).

If you experience those problems, talk to your doctor about therapy and medications. A cost-efficient procedure like scrotal enhancement may also help. These treatments may help you regain your intimate side by boosting your confidence. 

Find Your Person With These Desirable Qualities

From being honest to funny and intimate, all these are the top desirable qualities women want. Fortunately, they’re all traits you can work on and enhance, which you should be willing to do to find Ms. Right.

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