Are you a bad basketball player?

Some weren’t the greatest at basketball at school and in sports clubs either. However, some players are honestly bad!

Some of these people have made the Hall of Fame for their skills and talents, but they somehow ended up being laughable. Instead of being a legend, they became a failure and the biggest bust of all time.

Can you identify who they are?

Let’s check out who are the worst basketball players of all time and some of their biggest fails.

Brian Scalabrine

Brian Scalabrine, arguably the greatest flop in NBA history, is easily the worst basketball player of all time. During his 11-year career, he began becoming more of a meme than an actual player. With his infamous White Mamba nickname, he was famous for his lack of skill and hustle on the court.

He rarely contributes in any meaningful way. While a fan favorite because of his entertaining character and white-man’s-overbite look, he had a career that was seriously hampered by a lack of athleticism and solid basketball fundamentals.

Elliot Williams

Elliot Williams is considered by many to be one of the worst basketball players of all time. He was drafted in the 2010 NBA draft by the Portland Trail Blazers, only to fail in the NBA for three seasons.

In his rookie season, he played only 132 minutes, scored a mere 11 points, and averaged only 0.5 rebounds and 0.9 assists. He was sent to the NBADL before being traded and eventually released.

Even though he was highly touted by the first professional basketball teams like the Trail Blazers as the potential star of the future, his career was nothing short of a bust.

Oliver Miller

The NBA’s Greatest Flops, unfortunately includes one of the worst NBA players of all time, Oliver Miller. He was drafted in 1992 as a first-round pick by the Phoenix Suns. Although his career in the NBA ended in 2001, throughout his 10yr career, he was known for his lack of commitment.

He often had a negative attitude and was often injured which affected his performance on the court. His career averages of 5.4 points per game and 4.0 rebounds per game make him one of the worst players in NBA history.

Anthony Bennet

After only averaging 4.4 points per game and being traded multiple times, Bennett’s basketball career fell far short of expectations. He never achieved individual or team success and was often lambasted for poor shooting and decision-making on the court.

His biggest failings include never gaining consistency in playing time and never being able to put up the numbers that were expected of a first-overall pick. Bennett has become synonymous with the term ‘draft bust’, and is likely to stand out for years to come as the biggest flop of all time.

Discover the Worst Basketball Player of All Time

All in all, this article proved that many players have failed miserably at the game of basketball throughout history. It’s a testament to how difficult the game is and a reminder of why we appreciate the truly great players.

As a fan of the sport, let us not forget the foolish mistakes of the past and appreciate the greatness of today – just don’t forget the worst basketball player’s ‘greatest flops’!

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