It is getting cold outside and yes, we might have to buy more jumpers or coats to survive this brutal season. No wonder why the famous phrase ‘winter is coming’ can resonate with emotions like cruelty and fear. Winter is pretty scary for some people like me who can easily get sick and lethargic when it’s cold outside. So, what I need are super warm and thick jumpers. However, it does not mean that I don’t sweat. When I go on hiking or camping, there are cases we need to evaporate the heat.

The heat and stuffiness can do what the coldness does. Exceptional heat can make people lethargic and vulnerable. Let me get to the point now. I found this amazing Kickstarter project that can save a lot of people from the pain of heat and sweat. Cooly is a hands-free portable fan that will cool you down in the most convenient way.

What Makes “Cooly” Stand Out

Cooly is not like other portable fans that you need to hold until your arms get cramps. You don’t need to hold it. You can just clip it in your pants, and it will blow powerful winds into your top. While blowing powerful winds, the top fixation clip will hold your shirts to allow easy airflow between your skin and shirt and to prevent your shirts from being flipped or looking too funny like a balloon. This idea of applying clips is genius. There are cases that you can’t use the conventional portable fan that needs to be held, like when you need to hold other stuff or when working outside. Cooly will cool you down even when your hands are busy.

Excellent Heat Evaporation

By circulating the air into your top, it will cool you down very fast. Your back can be the sweatiest area of your body after some exercise and hard work. Cooly will be the best device to diminish the sweat stain in the back. This conveniently targets your back, the sweatiest area, without making you hold them for hours. Isn’t this the best item for Chefs?

What’s Better in “Cooly”

1. 3-Level Wind Speed (level 1:16.4ft/s, 19.7ft/s, 24.6ft/s)

According to your condition, you can adjust the winds speed. Each press of the power button will change the wind’s speed. Speed level 1 is 16.4ft/s and it is like a good summer breeze. Level 2 is 19.7ft/s, an average portable fan’s speed. Lastly, level 3 is the most powerful and 24.6ft/s. This is adequate when you need instant heat evaporation.

2. Low noise level (level 1: 66db, level 2: 71db, level 3: 76db)

Even with speed variations, it is designed to make the low level of noise. Level 1 has a noise level of only 66db and level 2, 71db, level 3, 76db. Please note that a quiet office has a 50-decibel noise level.

3. No hair will get caught in the fan

It is really disturbing if your hair or thread of your clothes gets cut in the fan. That is why Cooly prevents them from happening by its safety wing structures. The motors and wings of the Cooly fan are located deep inside of the cover thus not making any contact with users. Your clothes or hair won’t get stuck in it.

4. Keep it stylish 

Since this is mainly made to pin at your pants, you might worry about the wind flow ruining your style. But don’t worry. If you want to cover Cooly with your shirts, you can just attach the Wind Cover. It will allow the wind to flow through the air vents without any disturbance.

5. 4000mAh battery lasts long

The battery capacity clearly shows how delicately Cooly is designed. It utilizes a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery that is also used in cellphones or battery packs. It proves the durability of Cooly. If you fully charge it with C-type cable, it lasts up to 6.5 hours in wind speed level 1, 4 hours in wind speed level 2, and 2.5 hours in level 3, making it perfect for hiking, running, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Color Variation

Cooly provides a white and black color background with point color variations. You can choose a white background with silver/rose gold point color or black background with black/dark metal/rose gold point color.

The Reasons You Should Back Cooly Project: Special Discount

This project offers a very well-made hands-free portable fan at a much-discounted price than retail. The faster you get it, the lower the price will be since the super early bird price and Kickstarter special price has a $12 difference.

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