You can’t change overnight, people have said. But what if you could? What if there were 20 changes you could make today, right now, to improve yourself right away? Would you try them? Some are as simple as travelling. There is nothing like a tropical vacation or scenic river cruise to freshen your perspective.

If you answered yes, this read is for you.

20 Ways to Improve Yourself

Sometimes you want to improve yourself to please others, other times you want to live healthier. Whatever the case may be, we hope this guide will give you some ideas, tips, and tricks to living a better life. Or at least a life in a way that makes you smile a little more.

1. Exercise!

We know you’ve heard this one before. Or at least hope you have. But exercise will work wonders for you.

Studies have shown that 7 minutes of exercise can have positive effects!

7 minutes a day…that’s it!

You can do that!

2. Chill with Friends

You’ve been saying it for weeks, months, maybe years: “We’ll hang out soon.”

Well, what if soon was today?

Taking the time to relax with friends, and not do something work-related, is a huge way to soak in some life.

3. Rest on Your Own

Also known as sleep.

Getting a full nights rest can work miracles for people!

Talk about an over-night trick!

4. Be a Servant

You might think the goal in life is to be on the top financially, but the ones who serve those on the bottom know the truth.

You’ll be a lot happier and you’ll live a more positive life if you serve others. Acts of service are always available, and you’ll get more out of them than those in need.

5. Meditation

Have you sat to think, and only think, recently?

Studies have shown that meditation helps you organize your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and helps you relate and empathize with others!

Take some time to meditate today. Sit quietly, think about everything, and breath deeply. When you’re done, see if you’re not a little calmer and thinking clearer.

6. Say Thank You

Practicing gratitude is a way to remind yourself that there are other positive forces in your world.

By thanking those around you, those that have made an impact on your life, or those that reminded you it’s okay to laugh, you’ll have a better appreciation for every moment.

7. Smile More

Smiling has been shown to increase levels of happiness.

Even when you’re upset, working yourself into a genuine smile can yield positive results. Talk about fake it till you make it!

8. Do Some Shopping

Whether it’s for you or someone else, doing a little shopping can boost your mood.

This is a good way to kill time, and enjoy the company of those around you!

9. Enjoy Some Marijuana

If you’re into smoking, we’ve done some research on healthier ways you can enjoy cannabis.

Having a vape pen that is cutting edge is another way to enjoy the world around you. We’ve done some research so you can learn more about some!

10. Soak Up The Sun

Go for a walk outside.

Might seem simple, but some natural sunlight can increase your mood.

Plus, after a long winter, it’s nice to see some green grass and colorful flowers again.

11. Early Bird Gets The Joy

Sometimes sleeping in is great, don’t get us wrong.

But waking up early can have a strangely positive effect on your day!

Think of all the stuff you could get done before noon, and then take the rest of the day to chill and relax like you were thinking about doing in ideas 1-10.

12. Try Something New

Do you have a comfort zone?

One way to live a more positive life is to push back at your comfort zone walls. Try something new! Take a class, go somewhere you’ve never been, eat food you’ve never tasted!

Everything new can teach you something!

13. Have a Friendly Competition

When was the last time you played a little 1 on 1 basketball or qued up with your friends for a game of Leauge of Legends?

A little competition can go a long way!

Spend a few hours battling it out and then enjoy some laughs and cold drinks afterwards!

14. Talk to an Old Friend

Is there someone you use to talk to every day but now don’t ever see?

Today could be the day to hear their voice again.

15. Ask Others

Have you ever asked a trusted friend what you could work on?

This is a great way to get someone else’s perspective of you and it can help you identify your blind spots.

It also opens up a new communication stream between the two of you so those good friends can become even better.

16. Help the Elderly With Technology

Grandparents and senior citizens are always having trouble with tech, and that’s fine.

But maybe you know your technology well, and can set up a printer in five minutes compared to their five hours.

Offer up some of your time to those that didn’t grow up with phones in their pocket. You’ll make memories and maybe a few new friends.

17. Dream Big…Really Big

Think of something wild. Then turn it up a notch.

Whether you do this grandiose adventure or not, it can be freeing to dream and imagine.

Then when you actually plan a trip, you might have a few great ideas.

18. Actually, Plan A Trip


You need to take some time away from home. Actually, take a trip!

Relax. Rest. Eat some cake. Enjoy a trip before you can’t!

19. Avoid Negativity

There are people that drain the life out of us.

And although those people do need our time, they don’t need all of our time.

It’s okay to tell people “not tonight” or “another time.” Don’t feel like you have to pour into someone who just wants attention!

20. Learn from Others

Social media is a great way to get ideas and see what other people are up to.

But remember: what you see on there doesn’t make them better.

Don’t go on social media if it makes you feel like you’re not living the best life compared to everyone else.

Use it to enjoy others, not compare yourself to them!

More Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

We hope these 20 ideas on how to improve yourself overnight have sparked a few ideas in your head! For more great content, head on over to our health and fitness blog!

If you don’t see something there or want more on a topic you do see, feel free to reach out and contact us! We’re here to help you live the best life you can!