The perfect addition to any fireplace is a fireplace tools set and generally these sets feature similar tools. These make for a great gift but if you are buying for yourself then consider splashing out a little and buying some ornamental tools which really add some style to the fireplace. Whilst the various tools sets that you find offer similar tools, they do not always offer the exact same tools. Given that they are designed in a certain style, it makes sense to get all the tools which you need right off the bat, in the same set, so as to ensure some consistency.

When it comes to what tools you’ll need, these are the most important.


Many of these sets do not feature bellows but we believe them to be a vital part of fire management and they should certainly be in your tool set. Bellows not only produce air which oxygenates the fire to keep it roaring, they also are able to apply air to the exact spot where the fire needs it. This prevents wafting newspapers to try and get the fire going, and blowing all over in the process.


There are always times when you need to move fast burning fuel to other areas of the fire and for best results a set of tongs will do the trick. The main thing to focus on here is that your tongs are long enough to reach all the way to the back of the hearth without you getting your hands burned.

Brush and Shovel

No matter how good your fireplace screen is there is always a need for a brush and a shovel to sweep up all of the ash and the debris which has been produced by the fire. What you want here are flexible yet strong bristles and a wide pan so that you can really capture everything when it comes to giving your fireplace a good clean up. You may also wish to get a bucket where you can store the ashes once they are cleaned up.


The poker is the general tool which you will need and you’ll find that you end up using it for a wide variety of fire management tasks. This could be stabbing holes into the fuel to let the air get through it, moving small items from once side to the other or perhaps even to lift up the grill if needs be. The poker is your Swiss army knife for the fire and although it looks pretty basic and rudimentary, there are in fact a great range of things that you will use it for.

You should be focused on quality of the craftsmanship when being fireplace tools, the better that you are able to buy now, the longer they will last you in the future. Above build quality, just ensure that the tools feature the things that you need in order to best tend to your fire.